Why you should visit a dentist regularly?

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A large number of people do not consider their dental health with utmost concern. Unlike other physical conditions, dental conditions don’t seem very serious thus causing less concern in dental patients. However, some dental conditions are known to cause other physical conditions that may cost much more to treat as well as recover.

At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic we offer various dental services that are bound to cater for any of your dental needs. We have a pool of dental specialists who are trained and skilled in a variety of dental procedures. Visit us today for top-notch dental services.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is a dangerous dental condition. For most people, they don’t realize that they have the condition until it has grown extensively. Visiting a Henderson dentist regularly can help reduce chances of oral cancer by getting a regular oral cancer screening.

At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic we offer simple cancer screening as well as offer conservative measures in the event of detection. The screening is quite simple as well as straightforward. Our dentist first checks for any lumps around the inner tissues of the cheeks and proceeds to check for any other anomalies throughout the entire oral structure.

Preventive services

Some dental conditions usually develop over time and eventually become a serious dental condition. Tooth decay is one of the common dental conditions that spread vastly causing the tooth to become dysfunctional. Tooth decay can spread toward the root of the tooth affecting the pulp which nourishes the tooth. At that point, the tooth may become completely useless and could start aching.

Preventive dental care is very ideal in protecting your dental health and preventing other serious dental complications. You can consult our dental clinic at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic to get more information about our preventative dental services.

Improved oral care

Visiting a dentist regularly can help you improve your general oral caregiving your dental health a better chance of avoiding illness. Most dental cases we get at our dental clinic are related to poor oral habits and poor dental care.

Our dentists can advise on better ways to care for teeth as well as what to avoid when it comes to preserving your dental health. Poor brushing habits can lead to gum recession due to aggressive brushing. Likewise, using an inferior toothbrush to clean your teeth can reduce the level of your dental health. Visit our Henderson dentist today and learn about how best to preserve your dental health.

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a very convenient form of dentistry. At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic we provide a chance for you to visit our dental clinic with your whole family for dental services. This helps improve general dental health.

Our dentist can also address some of the genetically caused dental complications and offer relevant treatment before the conditions can become serious. Visit us today for some of the greatest dental services in the city.

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