Why You Need Dental Porcelain Onlays?

dentist Henderson, NV

Porcelain Onlays Henderson

Porcelain onlays and inlays, also known as partial dental crowns, are a sort of combination between a filling and a dental crown. They are usually used in the treatment of teeth that are too damaged for a filling, but not too severe to require a crown. Porcelain Onlays Henderson is one of the most common dental services requested by dental customers within the city. Depending on the extent of damage on the tooth, Dr. George Harouni will recommend an onlay or inlay that will suit you perfectly. An onlay is usually recommended when the dentists intend to cover a damaged tooth’s cusp to repair larger cavities and regain the tooth’s shape. An inlay, on the other hand, is much smaller and is useful in covering only the center of its surface.

Why You Need Dental Onlays

One damaged tooth can affect the appearance of the whole smile. If you intend to restore your teeth to their original sheen and look, you can rely on Porcelain Onlays Henderson. When preparing for an onlay fitting dental surgery, the dentist ensures that he/she has removed the entire cavity within the tooth to prevent further spread of the cavity. This helps preserve the natural tooth and also protect it from any further damage. Porcelain onlays Henderson are a perfect solution to broken or fractured teeth, decayed teeth, fractured fillings, large fillings and for cosmetic enhancements. Due to their durability, they can last for a very long time giving you a beautiful long lasting smile.

How do porcelain Onlays work?

A patient can choose to either have a direct dental onlay or an indirect one. Indirect porcelain onlays are best recommended as they are more durable as compared to direct onlays which are usually made of composite resin. Direct onlays are easily prepared and can be completed in just one appointment. For indirect onlays, a second appointment will be required. On the first visit, Dr. George Harouni will clean the damaged tooth and remove all the decay that is on the tooth. A model of the tooth is then taken and prepared to make a temporary filling that the doctor will use to fill the tooth crevice as a custom onlay is prepared in the dental laboratory. On the second appointment, the custom porcelain onaly is cemented into place and adjusted to be comfortable for chewing.

Benefits of porcelain Onlays

Dental onlays are used to restore large tooth cavities and protect the integrity of the tooth. By covering the cavity, onlays safeguard the tooth from further decays, cracks and more damage. They also save the patient from further complications of the tooth that would otherwise result from the continuing cavities. Onlays, having been designed for optimal resilience, are highly durable and can last for many years, as long as 30 years. This sets them aside from temporary fillings which may wear out and require replacement. With good oral hygiene, porcelain onlays are very durable and resilient to factors like staining and breaking off.

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