Whats A Periodontist?

periodontists Henderson, NV

A Periodontist is a dental practitioner who concentrates and deals with issues affecting the supporting tissue of the teeth, that is, the gums and jawbone. These supporting tissues are medically referred to as periodontium, thus the name. Dr. George Harouni is a qualified dental professional with an operating practice and periodontics is one of his areas of expertise. If you notice any arising issues with your gum such as bleeding or soreness and swelling, you should consider seeing a Periodontist for medical diagnosis and possible treatment.

George Harouni dds would be a perfect choice for you. Due to his advanced knowledge on soft tissue management as well as understanding the anatomy of the mouth, patients are often referred to him for implant surgery, that also being an area where his expertise comes in handy. Besides implants, our Periodontist Henderson experience also involves cosmetic dentistry where George Harouni dds is able to use his expertise to improve tissue symmetry, color, and tone, to improve your appearance significantly.

About Gum Disease

Gum disease is a progressive dental complication that may even take years to evolve. Just like high blood pressure, most cases of gum disease are “silent,” and you may not initially realize that you are suffering from the condition. That is why Dr. George Harouni encourages patients to schedule check-up appointments often, for oral examinations and early diagnosis and treatment. Regular dental visits will keep your teeth and gums healthy, and this is bound to make your life easier, both in social interactions and also in terms of comfort.

In most cases of gum disease, the infection causes the gums to recede which make the teeth lose. As such, gum disease can lead to teeth loss. When you happen to lose the lower teeth, more problems arise as the upper teeth gradually migrate downwards. This further complicates matters as it now becomes difficult and near impossible to get teeth replacements installed on the lower jaw without the need to perform orthodontic surgery. Besides the teeth related problems, diseases of the gum may also sometimes point to an underlying medical condition.

This is a reason why our Periodontist Henderson experience is worthwhile. The medial conditions that bleeding gums may be pointing to include diabetes, heart defects and also mouth cancer. These are serious conditions that are detrimental to one’s health and the sooner they are recognized, the higher your chances of treatment and eventual recovery.


Having looked at the importance of a Periodontist, it is necessary to have a qualified practitioner that you can rely on, to take care of your teeth and gums and ensure that you maintain optimum dental health. George Harouni DDS is a qualified Periodontist with years of practice that has gained him much experience in the profession. He understands the ideal of good oral health, and he is dedicated to ensuring your teeth and supporting tissue are healthy. If you are having any concerns with your dental health, a consultation will be a wise idea. Our practice is designed to cater for any of your dental needs, and our staff and practitioners are always ready to take care of your dental woes.

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