What it is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea Henderson, NV

Many people have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Besides, many others are at risk of suffering from sleep apnea Henderson in the near future.  There are clinics that deal with sleep and which work towards diagnosing and treating the problem so that people can minimize the symptoms.

What it is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a type of chronic illness that may cause people to stop breathing during their sleep cycles. It can be classified into two categories, namely; Central Sleep Apnea and obstructive sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea: this is the common form of sleep apnea.  While sleeping, there is an interruption to the breathing known as the apneas. The soft tissues will collapse and the collapse can prevent the oxygen against passing through the airways and in reaching into the lungs.

With the sleep apneas, the brain may stop to send the message into the body so the body stops breathing. There is no physical disruption which is involved in it even if the body may respond as if there has been an interruption.

The two types of sleep apneas may turn disruptive to the sleep pattern. People who suffer sleep apnea and who do not get treatment, they may wake up feeling lethargic and tired. When it is not treated, then sleep apnea may have some significant impact on the short and long term physical and mental health.

How to treat sleep apnea Henderson?

The dentists may be a valuable partner if you are suffering obstructive sleep apnea. When he finish diagnosing the problem, the dental appointment may help to learn more about the options available to treat sleep apneas.  A dentist may recommend that you wear an oral appliance. Such devices will ease the symptoms if the patients have normal weight and only suffer mild and moderate sleep apnea.

How does a dentist help?

A dentist will assess the teeth, the mouth and the temporomandibular joints of a person to know if a person is a right candidate to get mandibular advancement device. If they are the right candidate, a dentist will create the model of teeth. A specialist uses such models so that he can craft the oral appliance which fits the mouth of the patients.  It is important to have the right fit since if the device is not fitted in the right way, it may cause jaw damage. The patients do wear the devices when they sleep so that they can alleviate the symptoms of sleep apneas.

Even if the tongue retaining device is not that common, it is appropriate for different types of mouths. Such an oral appliance will help the tongue of the patient so that they may stay in the forward position. When the tongue gets attached on a lower jaw, the device may keep the airways open.

Dentists should work hand in hand with patients in order to make sure that the oral appliance works well and that they improve their symptoms.  Even if the device may feel uncomfortable at the start, it can feel well after a few days.

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