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Dentist Henderson

Who is Dr. George Harouni? He is a general and cosmetic dentist who provides dentistry services in his private dentistry in Henderson, Nevada. He is a dedicated and a committed dentist Henderson.

He loves his work and thus his main aim is to create a smile in each of his patients. He together with his team of staff are committed to offering the highest quality dentistry service. The dentist has artistic skills and latest and advanced equipment and materials.


His educational background

Dr. Harouni is the best dentist Henderson owing to his rich educational background. First, he did major in molecular genetics and microbiology. Later he earned a doctorate degree from the university of southern California in dental surgery.

Dr. Harouni did best in his class and was ranked among the top two percent of his class. Moreover, he was among the youngest graduates to receive a doctorate degree. Besides being excellent in class, Dr. Harouni displayed good leadership skills, as a result, he received several prestigious awards. As a way of keeping himself updated on the continual changes in dentistry field, this best dentist Henderson is regularly attending seminars and training. He is as well a wide skilled dentist as he practices both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. He is as well certified by the board in California and he is a member of the American dental association.


His passion and objective

One quality that makes dr. Harouni the best is that he is committed to his work. Throughout his career life, this dentist has been committed to providing dentistry services to the patients as well as being a generous giver to society.

He is one of the well known and loved dentist Henderson due to his good interactions with the patients. His main aim is to provide a “five stars” quality of dentistry services. His main objective in providing cosmetic dentistry is to give you the best appearance as well as improve your dental functionality.


His specialization

Generally, dr. Harouni is a certified general and cosmetic dentist. Being a cosmetic dentist, he provides dentistry services aimed at improving the general appearance of the patient. Some of the cosmetic dentistry services that he offers at the clinic include teeth whitening, Invisalign and dental implant. General dentistry services that he offers consist of preventive, diagnostic and treatment procedures. He offers teeth cleaning services as a way of preventing dental diseases such as gum diseases. Teeth whitening is also one of the general dentistry services offered.

Dr. Harouni is one dentist Henderson who is best at his work and he is very passionate. His determination has enabled him to provide exceptional dentistry in the area. There are so many other dental services that he offers, all you need to is to book an appointment. You will be able to meet with him for consultation, diagnosis and later treatment. You can as well bring along your family to Dr. George Harouni’s dental office to receive the best family dentistry services to all your members of the family.

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