What are dental implants and why do you need them?

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Dental implants are simply artificial teeth roots. Implants are normally made of titanium. They are used to replace a missing tooth. The implants are very strong and thus provides a strong base or foundation for either a temporary of a permanent tooth replacement. Dental implants are not fixed by just any other dentist. Meet dr. George harouni who is highly specialized in fixing dental implants Henderson.

This dentist is known for his wide range of specialization in dentistry procedures. If you have a missing tooth ensure that you visit him for you to experience personally his high-quality service. There are so many advantages of getting dental implants, they consist of the following;


Improved appearance

Dr. Harouni is a cosmetic dentist who is highly qualified. His artistic skills have enabled him to deliver the best in cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants are one of the procedures in cosmetic dentistry. People who seek cosmetic dentistry have a goal of improving their appearance.

That is exactly what dr. Harouni will deliver to you. He has been known to be the best dentist to fix dental implants Henderson. Your appearance will improve drastically since dental implants are permanent and strong, you can stay with for as long as possible.


Improved speech

Dr. Harouni is a general dentist as well. He does examine, diagnose and treat any dental problem. General dentistry entails preventing future dental complications and treating dental problems to improve the functionality of the dental structures. Having a missing tooth can really mess with your speech. More especially if the missing teeth are the front teeth. Are you struggling with difficulty in speech? Well, ensure that you visit the best dentist dr. Harouni, to fix your dental implants Henderson.


Easier eating

When you have a missing tooth, chewing and biting can be a problem. Fixing dental implants will ease your eating. Dental implants are strong and permanent, eating solid food will not be a problem. You will be able to eat any of your favorite food when you get your dental implants fixed.

The only known dentist to fix dental implants Henderson is dr. Harouni.

There are so many other benefits of fixing dental implants. Dental implants will improve your general oral health. Once the dental implant is fixed, the space left by a missing tooth will not get infected as it is not exposed anymore. The implants are very durable. If you take good care of the implants, you can stay with them for many years. As your appearance improves, your self-esteem will also improve.

You need dental implants Henderson to get all the above benefits. A missing tooth should not worry you, since dr. Harouni will give you the best dental service at an affordable cost. Caring for dental implants is very easy. You only need to brush, floss and rinse with an appropriate antibacterial mouthwash. You will also need to visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and instructional advice to care for the implants.

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