Visiting a dentist regularly is very vital!

harouni dentist Henderson, NV

During these visits, the dentist will take you through consultation sessions and later examination. For you to get an exact diagnosis and treatment, you must visit a qualified dentist. Dr. George Harouni is an orthodontist Henderson, who is specialized in treating dental cases that involve bone treatment.

There are cases that can only be treated through bone surgery. For instance, teeth positioning and alignment are two common dental cases that require bone grafting. Orthodontic treatment involves the following standard procedures;


Bone grafting

Bone grafting is required when the patient’s jaw bone is insufficient to hold all the teeth. Normally, the dentist will recommend this procedure to correct overcrowded teeth. Dr. Harouni who is an orthodontist Henderson is qualified to perform this procedure.

He has corrected so many of these cases and thus he has gained a lot of experience in this field. Having overcrowded teeth can be associated with so many problems, it makes chewing and biting difficult. It can also alter one’s speech. Therefore, if you have such dental issue, ensure that you visit this dentist to receive your perfect treatment.


Use of headgear and facemasks

Misaligned jawbone is a complication that is very common. When the jaw misaligns, it leads to developmental dental issues such as overbite and underbite. The work of an orthodontist, in this case, is to design a headgear or a facemask to correct the problem.

The headgear and the facemask will be used together with the braces. We have the best orthodontist Henderson, Dr. Harouni, who has designed many of the headgears and facemasks to correct patients jaw misalignment.


Use of dental braces

This is also one of the orthodontic dental procedure that dentists use to align teeth. Dental braces are made of brackets fixed to each tooth and an archwire that connects the individual bracket. These braces are used to train the teeth gently into proper alignment.

There are so many kinds of dental braces, some are metallic others are made of ceramic and some made of clear materials normally termed as Invisalign. The only highly qualified orthodontist Henderson, Dr. Harouni will perfectly fit your braces in order to align your teeth into their correct positioning.



Retainers are used to reinforce the work that the braces or the headgear and facemask have accomplished. From its name, the retainers are used to keep the aligned teeth in position to avoid getting back to their original positions. These retainers are normally recommended by orthodontist Henderson. They are useful in retaining the teeth and ensuring that the underlying bone has reached the correct position.

There are reasons as to why you will need an orthodontist. The most common problem that requires the attention of an orthodontist is overcrowding. The aesthetic issue is another reason why you will need an orthodontist. If you want to improve your look by aligning your teeth, then an orthodontist is the person to visit. Dr. Harouni is a well-known dentist who works with dedication to ensure that his patients smile all the way.

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