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Dental health is one area of health that people have not paid close attention to but in recent times people have gradually become obsessed with their dental health. The smile is one of the most outstanding things about an individual. The smile is one aspect that greatly impacts on the first impression an individual makes so it is essential to ensure that your smile is flawless. There are many dental treatment procedures that are carried out today by the top dentist in Henderson to help in smile makeovers such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dentures, bridges, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. The George Harouni DDS dental clinic provides all these diverse treatment options for your teeth with the help of their competent dentists.


Teeth filling is a procedure carried out by dentists on teeth that are either fractured, worn out or damaged through decay. The main purpose of the filling is in order to strengthen the teeth. The best time to handle the teeth decay is during the early stages or otherwise, the filling will not be the most effective treatment option. When the teeth decay becomes worse it will be impossible to treat the condition using teeth filling so the dentist will have to implement other stronger treatment procedures. There are different types of materials used in teeth filling which in turn affects the lifespan of the fillings. The teeth fillings have the capacity to have a lifespan of about five to twelve years depending on the oral hygiene routine practised and the care given to them.

Teeth whitening

The purpose of the teeth whitening procedure is to enhance the natural teeth brightness. The procedure is not ideal for all individuals so it is essential to consult one of the top dentist Henderson on whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure or not. Our dentists at the George Harouni DDS will walk you through the process of consultation to the evaluation of your teeth to the performing of the actual procedure. There are few conditions that need special care if one is considering teeth whitening such as infected gums, decayed teeth, white spots, discoloured teeth or sensitive teeth. Another condition that might require the dentist to carefully evaluate the teeth prior to the process of teeth whitening is if the front teeth have crowns, bridges or other related dental treatments.

More often the teeth whitening lasts for an average of four to twelve months but that is dependent on various aspects such as the food and drinks consumed, in addition to the treatment given to the teeth. Coffee, tea and blueberries are some of the foodstuffs that have the capability to stain your teeth. Oral health practices that are hygienic are essential in order to maintain your teeth as white as possible without having to undergo the process of teeth whitening. Our dentists at the George Harouni DDS dental clinic do not only provide treatment for stained teeth but also give proper advice on how to avoid them stained which makes them the dentists in Henderson.

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