The complete guide to Teeth Cleaning in Henderson


Quite a number of persons are not fond of visiting the dentist for  Teeth Cleaning. Some say they fear the many procedures in wait for them such as prodding, too much noises during scrapping and jaw discomforts while some say they lack the time and the right dental practitioner to do the cleaning. It is easy to understand such apprehension. However, your expert teeth cleaner, Dr. George Harouni claims that the process of teeth cleaning is painless and simple.


Charges of teeth cleaning are actually the cheapest compared to any form of dental treatment. This is because the procedures involved are not so intense and do not take up much of the time. Teeth cleaning by Dr. George Harouni is cost-effective and lasts longer.

Overall health history enquiry

Before the dentist decides on doing teeth cleaning for you, you will be asked about your overall health history which includes your body and orally. This helps to make the dentist aware if you may be allergic to any type of dental treatment plan conveyed.


Before the actual cleaning, the dentist will start by doing the physical exam of the entire mouth. The dental hygienist tends to use a small mirror in order to check near the teeth and over the gums to see if there is gingivitis sign like inflamed gums or other major issues. When a major problem has been identified then you will be prompted for an intensive dental care of treating the concern where afterward you will be scheduled for teeth cleaning visits.

Tartar removal

By using a small mirror, the hygienist will use a scaler in order to get rid of the tartar and the plaque along the gum line and between the teeth. You may experience irritating scrapping sounds which is a normal ordeal. When there is more tartar on the mouth, then more time for scrapping will be needed.

Toothpaste brushing

When the teeth have no more tartar, the hygienist will brush them using a high powered electric brush which makes a grinding noise. The grounding is considered the best way to get rid of any remains of tartar which may have been left behind during scaling.

The cleaning will tend to use toothpaste which tastes and smells like the regular toothpaste but you may decide on which flavor you would love. The paste has a gritty consistency which scrubs the teeth but it is safe since it is being used by an expert.

Dr. George Harouni does not recommend you to use it in your home since it may act as an enamel threat by wearing it out.


Whether you like to floss on a regular basis at your home or not, then during the Teeth Cleaning Henderson, you will get a thorough flossing.

It may tend look as if it is pointless as far as you floss while at home, but the professional flossing will remove any leftover plaque.

Flossing and brushing will stop the plaque against building. When there is tartar, it may be removed at the office of the dentist. You are advised to observe frequent flossing and brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

Mouth rinsing

The dentist will rinse out your mouth in order to get rid of the debris. The rinse used contains a liquid fluoride.

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