The best foods to protect your oral health

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Like the rest of our body, our mouth needs good nutrition to stay healthy. Actually, our mouth is even more sensitive to poor nutrition. Bad food choice can lead to tooth loss, serious gum disease and bad breath. Here are the best foods that will keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh.

The best food choices for a healthy mouth include cheese, chicken, nuts, milk, but there are more. We picked out foods that are thought to protect against decay, protect tooth enamel by providing the calcium and phosphorus needed to remineralize teeth, minimize the acid from your meals and increase the flow of saliva, which naturally washes away food particles and limits acid. So, let’s see which foods do what.

To help protect tooth enamel and help it remain healthy and strong opt for cheese, chicken or other meats, or nuts. They neutralize acids and provide the calcium and phosphorus needed to put remineralize the teeth. Fluoride is also an ingredient that can strengthen tooth enamel and it is contained in black tea. Of course, tea should be unsweetened. Vitamin-rich foods and foods containing calcium are also necessary for healthy enamel, such as cheese, almonds and leafy greens. Foods high in phosphorous, such as meat, eggs and fish are also beneficial to your enamel.

To help reduce the risk of cavities, sugarless gum that contains xylitol could be a practical daily solution, the keyword here being “sugarless” because bacteria rely on sucrose to produce plaque. It helps dislodge some of the food stuck to your teeth and increases saliva flow to help neutralize the acids.

To slow the growth of bacteria associated with cavities and gum disease drink tea because of the compounds called polyphenols, found in black and green teas. The consumption of black tea causes less plaque buildup on your teeth because tea disables some bacteria to clump together with other bacteria. Black tea especially fights halitosis, or bad breath because polyphenols control the production of odorous compounds in the mouth. Cranberries also contain polyphenols, which may keep plaque from sticking to teeth, thus lowering the risk of cavities. However, be careful with cranberry products because many of them contain added sugars.

To lower acid levels in your mouth, milk and cheese are an excellent option because milk neutralizes some of the acid produced by plaque bacteria. However, adding milk to cereal doesn’t really do the trick. Instead, drink some milk after the after eating a sweet dessert. It may protect teeth. Calcium from milk is also good for bones, including your jaw. Cheese may neutralize the plaque acid, and chewing generally increases saliva production. And saliva naturally washes out some of the bacteria in the mouth.

To neutralize cavity-causing plaque bacteria eat raisins. They are naturally sweet, so they don’t contain sucrose. Sugar helps bacteria remain on the tooth surface, letting them produce plaque. Also, some compounds in raisins also limit the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease.

To clean your teeth and control dental plaque, eat crunchy foods like apples, carrots and cucumbers. After chewing these foods, the bacteria will surely get cleared away.
There are many food options that are both healthy and delicious. Try to include in your diet as much of the foods listed above, because the effects of healthy nutrition are visible in your entire body, including your smile.

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