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Having a reliable dentist on your dial is a great advantage and a necessary tool in keeping your dental and oral health at its optimal. That is why we have George Harouni dds, a qualified practitioner that has been on practice for close to a decade, providing dental services and procedures to residents of Henderson and surrounding districts. Without mincing words, George is among the best dentists available in the USA today, being board certified and if his amazing record is anything to go by, he could be the best dentist Henderson has to offer.

George Harouni offers an array of services to affected patients, and you can be sure of successful procedures that will give you the desired effect by the time you leave our establishment. His many years of experience, with positive reviews from his patients, is enough to assure you that under his care and treatment, your dental woes no longer have to be a stress for you. Some of the common practices that our accomplished dentist offers have been discussed below.

Teeth Whitening

Nobody likes the idea of brown and discolored teeth. In fact, research by psychologists states that discolored teeth are the main hindrances one can have to experience a fulfilling social life. This is a fact. If your teeth are not their natural white color, you will be uncomfortable presenting yourself in public, always self-conscious and wondering if the public notice the stains on the teeth.

To solve this, our practice offers effective treatment options to reverse this condition and restore you to that gleaming white smile. What’s better, with the new and advanced laser technology, the whitening process will be achieved in a single session, less than two hours. Regardless of the kind of stains present on the teeth, you can be sure to walk out of our clinic a happy man, flashing your new smile for people to see. You will be more confident in your daily routine and at work and you are sure to get compliments from your colleagues and friends.


Veneers refer to fine strips made of composite material, similar to a tooth’s enamel. The way veneers work is that they are placed on the front surface of the tooth to give the appearance of a healthy crown.

The veneers help in solving issues of misaligned teeth, cracked and fractured crowns as well as stained teeth. Once you visit our clinic, Dr. George will first give you an oral examination to inspect your teeth and prepare for the veneers treatment. The veneers are manufactured at the clinical lab and they are custom made to fit every tooth perfectly and solve the affected condition.


Dental implants are our most effective treatment option for lost or damaged teeth. Implants are metallic appliances that are surgically inserted in the patient’s jawbone. The implants are meant to bond with the jaw and provide root support for replacement teeth.

This ensures stability and strength which are required to have effective teeth replacements. No matter the extent of damaged or missing teeth, you can visit our dentist Henderson, for restorations that will have you smiling and functioning normally all day.

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