The Benefits of white fillings in Henderson

veneers Henderson, NV

White fillings Henderson is most commonly used to protect decayed teeth from further damage. Dentists usually recommend this form of treatment as a means of protecting natural teeth from being permanently damaged. For a very long time, teeth fillings have been used to cover decaying teeth for people of different ages including children.

Today, you can get access to a variety of tooth fillings including gold, amalgam (metal alloys) and the most common of them all, white fillings. You can consult Dr. George Harouni to assist you with advice on the most suitable teeth fillings you should have depending on your current situation. Most people prefer white fillings because they are just like regular teeth and don’t stand out as compared to other metallic fillings.

Benefits of white fillings

White fillings Henderson is usually the most common type of filling requested by dental customers. Despite not being metallic, these white fillings are usually very strong and can easily replace a metallic filling. The material is made of bits of glass and plastic to form a hard composite material. The white fillings can be used to change the shape and the color of the tooth to match your natural teeth. After polishing, white fillings Henderson tend to become resistant to staining thus becoming more durable.

Dr. George Harouni offers some of the best white fillings services within the city. As compared to other types of tooth fillings, white fillings are the most affordable and last a very long time if well maintained.

The procedure for applying white filling

White filling is usually made in a dental lab by a dental professional. Before getting teeth fillings, you should contact your dentist before the appointment for them to prepare the viable filling. First of all, the dentist mixes the composite filling when soft to match the general shape of your teeth. This will help conceal the white filling after it has been applied to the cavity.

Before applying the white filling, the dentist first removes the cavity with special dental equipment. He then applies the composite filling and hardens it with a curing light. The composite is molded to look like a healthy tooth and left to dry. This process usually is quick and can take a single day depending on the number of teeth being filled.

Maintaining white fillings

Just like regular teeth, composite fillings should be attended to with regular oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day can significantly improve the condition of your white fillings. Poor dental hygiene can cause the white filling to chip or weaken causing them to become ineffective.

White fillings Henderson can be broken if you chew on hard objects or hard sweets. Likewise, the composite fillings can get stained if the user has poor oral habits like smoking and drinking staining beverages like coffee. Sugary substances can also cause the natural tooth to continue decaying exceptionally if dental health is not maintained. Different fillings are suitable for different people. You should contact your dentist to advice on which is the best fit for you.

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