Smile Makeover in Henderson

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Smile makeover in Henderson has become continuously popular among individuals of all age groups. Many individuals are becoming more and more obsessed with the appearance of their smiles. The smile is the door to your soul as many learned individuals like to say. The first impressions are the most important aspects of meeting new individuals which is why it is essential to make them perfect as you only get them once. Today dental health and hygiene is a priority to many individuals which has resulted in many dentists indulging in cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to meet the huge demand of individuals looking for smile makeover Henderson.

A dental experience focused on the patients’ needs

At the George Harouni DDS clinic, we consider our patients more like family. We are considerate enough to listen to your worries, concerns and wants. After listening to our patients we recommend the most appropriate treatment procedures based on the results obtained from the consultation and preliminary examinations. Preliminary examinations are compulsory before any dental procedures are conducted to determine the extent of damage that has been caused by the condition and the most effective treatment procedure to alleviate the condition. Our patient’s opinion and specifications of the end result are important and we ensure that they stay in charge of all the decisions throughout the procedures.

High-quality dentistry in relaxed and comfortable facilities

The dental clinic at the George Harouni DDS in Henderson is dedicated to ensuring that the patients receive their dental treatment in a relaxed and comfortable facility. Our labs are equipped with state of the art furniture that is highly advanced in technology to ensure that the procedures turn out effective and functional.  The massage chairs are relaxing enough to allow the patient to relax and release some of the tension during the procedure. The massage chairs also make certain that the client is in a comfortable position during the process of having their smile makeover in Henderson. Competent skills need to be backed up by appropriate equipment in order for the end results to be as desired. Every client receives customized services that are solely focused on their specific needs, wants, requirements and desires which results in impeccable outcomes.

General and cosmetic dentistry suitable for the family

Our clinic is pleased to provide our clients with a wide range of services ranging from complex dental treatment procedures meant for smile makeover Henderson to general dentistry suitable for the entire family. This is good news for our clients as they do not have to search for different dentists to handle the general dental treatments and the complex cosmetic dentistry procedures. All the dental treatment procedures you can think of to enhance your smile or for a complete makeover are readily available at our facilities. We have managed to remain among the best-rated dentists in Henderson as a result of us using the best quality and technologically advanced equipment. The implementation of advanced technology in the procedures makes them easier to perform, safer and more affordable. All you have to do to figure out if our clinic is an ideal fit for you is contact us for consultation, inquiries or to book an appointment.

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