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Cosmetic Dentist Henderson, NV

Cosmetic dentist Henderson

George Harouni dds is a qualified dentist in Henderson that provides cosmetic dentistry to interested patients, and he has been restoring perfect smile on people faces for more than 1 years. During this time he has improved the lives of thousands of patients by improving restoring their teeth, improving their smile, confidence and general social life. His goal is to keep your mouth in perfect condition by fixing your aesthetic issues and keeping your oral health at its optimum. Besides aesthetic issues, George Harouni dds procedures also serve the purpose of correcting minor issues in the functionality of the dental formula.  There are some services that our qualified cosmetic dentist Henderson performs, and some of them have been discussed below.

Teeth Whitening

No one likes having stains and discoloring on their teeth. These stains can be a major setback in expressing yourself well as you will always be self-conscious of yourself and uncomfortable while in front of people. That is why we offer teeth whitening procedures to put your teeth back to the desired and appealing white natural color. With some of the procedures, our resident dentist applies are able to remove stains on your teeth and restore the desired natural color in just a single session. This is by the use of the new and board approved Zoom technology that uses lasers to eliminate the undesired stains from your teeth. Georgeharounidds may also recommend home bleaches for your own bleaching procedures at home which are also effective, though you have to use them for at least two weeks after which the desired effects are gradually achieved.

Tooth Colored Fillings

We also do procedures to fill your cavities and damaged teeth and restore the structure and appeal of your teeth. Dr. Georgeharounidds recommends teeth colored fillings for his patients which are made of composite material and look just like your natural teeth. Due to their white color that bonds with the teeth, it is impossible to tell them from the rest of the teeth. Thus you can smile in public without worrying about whether society is noting them and finding them weird. This makes it possible for you to solve your dental issues and still appear natural while at it.


These are thin strips that are applied on the front surface of teeth. They help in solving some dental issues such as misalignments, crooked teeth, and chipped teeth as well as undesired stains in the teeth. When you visit us, George Harouni dds begins by examining your teeth to get the specific specifications of each tooth to create veneers that solve the issue of each individual tooth. Veneers are able to mask the undesired aspects of your teeth and present a more appealing look to keep our smiling all through your daily routine.

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Our practice boasts of having the best cosmetic dentist Henderson has to offer, and you can be sure that any of your dental concerns will be solved at our practice. We are also equipped with the latest technology, and this enables us to enhance quality, giving you a fulfilling experience.

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