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Reasons why you may need to get your wisdom tooth extracted

Wisdom teeth usually grow the last among other types of teeth. They are referred to as wisdom teeth for the reason that they normally grow during adulthood. 

At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic, we offer various services that are focused on improving your dental health including wisdom teeth removal Henderson. 

Wisdom teeth can sometimes be detrimental to your dental structure and cause you to attain other dental complications. In such a case, it is constantly recommended to remove the tooth to avoid any further damage. Wisdom teeth removal Henderson can be done for a variety of reasons including the following;

To prevent further tooth decay

We usually recommend wisdom teeth removal Henderson for situations where the wisdom tooth is heavily affected by tooth decay. Tooth decay starts by affecting the enamel of the tooth. After that, the decay can spread either to adjacent teeth or to the root of the tooth. For wisdom teeth, treating tooth decay can be quite difficult on account of their hidden position. Because of that, we usually prefer performing wisdom tooth extraction in order to eliminate the decay entirely. 

Once the wisdom tooth is removed, you won’t have to worry anymore about tooth decay. It also stops the decay from spreading to other teeth and causing further dental loss. Visit us today at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic and get the best wisdom tooth extraction services.

If the teeth are too big

Wisdom teeth are normally under the category of molars. This means that they grow to become very big and wide. Since the wisdom tooth may outgrow the allocated space on the dental structure, it is highly recommended that it should be extracted to prevent crowding of teeth. If the wisdom tooth is left to grow, it may begin pushing adjacent teeth away causing you to have misaligned teeth and eventually causing biting problems. 

If you feel that your wisdom teeth are tight and constricted along other teeth, it is best to get them removed in order to prevent them from disturbing the position of adjacent teeth. Visit us today and enjoy top-notch wisdom tooth removal Henderson.

If the teeth are impacted

Wisdom teeth tend to grow halfway out of the gum making them impacted. Impacted teeth are usually less functional and can hurt your gum as you chew on solid food. An impacted tooth has little to no use in your dental structure and in fact, may grow to become a nuisance. 

The best solution for such teeth is to have them extracted. Once the tooth is extracted, you can have a healthier dental structure.

If the tooth is causing pain

A wisdom tooth can easily cause pain due to its location. Impacted teeth are often painful when chewing. This can be quite frustrating since the tooth is in a location where food passes through often.

If your wisdom toothaches constantly, you can give us a call and get fast and effective wisdom teeth removal Henderson.

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