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All you need to know about a TMJ disorder

TMJ disorder is a dental condition that is characterized by a sharp pain in the joint of the jaw. For most patients who come for dental treatment for TMJ, they are not usually familiar with this disorder as a dental condition. You may find some people visiting the doctor for a TMJ disorder. People with TMJ Henderson tend to experience consistent pain that never seems to stop. If this pain becomes unbearable, you can contact us for pain relief due to TMJ. Apart from that, at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic, we offer a variety of treatments for TMJ and the effects it has. Similarly, we can also provide treatment to prevent any further development of jaw bone issues.

Diagnosis of TMJ

The first point you will experience when you have a TMJ Henderson disorder is a sharp and incessant pain at the end of the jaw. This pain can affect how you speak, eat, yawn and even sleep. For some of our TMJ dental patients, they have complaints of poor sleeping patterns due to the disorder. When having TMJ Henderson, you usually feel an intense pain just at the front of either ear. The pain is usually bothersome and can stop you from engaging in day to day activities. In such a case, give us a call at Dr. George Harouni to know more about TMJ treatment. TMJ can also present itself through popping and cracking sounds as you move your jaw. We recommend a dental consultation if you feel that you have a TMJ disorder.

Causes of TMJ disorder

TMJ can be caused by some activities in day to day life. Most of our TMJ Henderson cases are usually a result of injury to the jaw or face in general. If the jaw is hit, it may interfere with how the joint moves and slides. In some cases, injury to the jaw can make the joint shift making it less functional and cause pain to the victim. Another common cause of TMJ disorder is arthritis. Arthritis is a physical condition that affects the quality and strength of bones. Some forms of arthritis can cause problems with the TMJ leading to pain and discomfort to the victim. It is always essential to go for a consultation to know the cause and state of your dental condition. TMJ disorder can also be caused by an infection of the TMJ connective tissue. An issue with the connective ligaments of the joint can cause a lot of pain and poor opening and closing of the mouth.

Risk factors of TMJ disorder

Grinding and bruxism are the significant risk factors of TMJ disorder among individuals. Individuals who grind their teeth create a lot of pressure on the jaw which can, in turn, affect the TMJ. At Dr. George Harouni, we offer dental appliances that can reduce grinding which affect the jaw. If your child has any form of TMJ due to grinding or bruxism, you can contact us today for the best TMJ treatment in the region.

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