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Stages of teeth cleaning

Not everyone loves going to the dentist especially due to the noises and prodding that the dental patient has to endure. However, some dental treatments don’t have various procedures and aren’t even painful since you can get sedation before treatment. Today, dental treatment is very safe and convenient owing to improved technology across various fields of medicine. Teeth cleaning Henderson is a common cosmetic treatment we perform on a daily basis. We offer a step by step treatment plan that caters for all your dental needs. Visit us today at Dr. George Harouni dental office to get the best services for tooth cleaning.

Stages in tooth cleaning

Teeth cleaning Henderson is done in stages as our dentist removes layer after layer of deposited particles on the teeth. The procedure can take a single day or more depending on the number of teeth being cleaned. Below are the stages through which we perform teeth cleaning Henderson.

Screening and assessment

In this first stage, our dentist first takes a physical exam of your dental structure to decide the type and degree of treatment necessary. We have certified dental hygienists who usually cater for assessment of tooth cleaning treatment. The dental hygienist assesses your mouth to look for any dental issues that may interfere with teeth cleaning Henderson. If any, we may have to treat your issue before continuing with teeth cleaning. If none, we proceed to the next stage.

Removing plaque

Our dentist then continues to remove plaque from the enamel of the tooth. Plaque and tartar usually accumulate due to poor oral hygiene. Regular brushing can prevent accumulation of these particles on your teeth.

At Dr. George Harouni dental office, we provide safe and effective ways of removing plaque and tartar on the tooth. This procedure doesn’t usually require any sedation since the dentist won’t perform any invasive surgical procedures. Typically, the dentist uses a dental scaler to remove the overlying layer on the tooth.

Toothpaste cleaning

After removing tartar, our dentist will then do some deep cleaning using a special toothbrush and toothpaste. In this stage, the dentist cleans all the teeth to remove any tartar left and also to clear the overlying layer of stain and food particles. At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic, we give you the option of choosing your preferred flavor of toothpaste to use for this stage. We also recommend that this toothpaste be used at a dental clinic and not at home

Deep flossing

Although everyone flosses their teeth once in a while, deep flossing is necessary if you want to have your teeth as clean as possible. In this stage, our dentist uses special floss to go in between your teeth and remove any particles left.


After deep flossing and brushing, you can now rinse your mouth to remove the leftover toothpaste or tartar. At Dr. George Harouni, we usually offer rinsing water with liquid fluoride to rinse the teeth better.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is vital in fighting off cavities and other tooth infections. Our dentist applies a fluoride gel and lets it settle on your teeth for some time. The paste hardens making your teeth safe from external stains and plaque.

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