Sedation Dentistry Henderson, NV

sedation dentistry Henderson, NV

Most people are usually opposed to going to the dentist just because they fear the dental procedures in dental treatment. Generally, a visit to the dentist is not usually that bad, and most of the time, you can go home with a healthier set of teeth. Most children, however, are against trips to the dentist since they are not as comfortable as other treatments. Nonetheless, today there are better ways of performing dental treatment that is safe and less discomforting.

At Dr. George Harouni dental office, we offer sedation dentistry Henderson for individuals who are against going to the dentist. This tool in dental treatment is used to reduce the anxiety of the patient during treatment and make them feel more relaxed. Today, most of our dental patients opt for sedation dentistry since it is very convenient in the overall dental treatment of different individuals.

When do we recommend sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry Henderson was developed to help ease the anxiety associated with dental treatment. Although most dental treatments are not surgically invasive, most people are not okay with sitting for long hours at the dentist.

We usually recommend sedation dentistry for people with an acute fear of dental treatment or those who have a low pain threshold. This kind of patients usually prefers missing dental treatment than going for one. For such an individual, we can recommend heavy sedation before dental treatment such that the individual does not feel anything during treatment.

Your gag reflex also has a lot to do with whether you can get sedation dentistry done. People with poor gag reflex usually pose a problem when it comes to surgical treatment. This is because sedation can cause the gag reflex to relax causing the patient to choke or have difficulty breathing. We also recommend sedation dentistry Henderson for extensive dental treatments.

Levels of dental sedation

Sedation dentistry can be applied for a variety of treatments. Almost all dental treatments can be done alongside sedation dentistry. When coming for dental treatment, our dentist will inform you on which level of sedation is best for the specific treatment you are getting.

In Sedation dentistry, Henderson, the first level of sedation (and also the least in amount) is minimal sedation. In this stage, our dentist uses only a small dose of sedation, enough to leave you awake but relaxed and less anxious. You won’t sense any pain during the treatment either. The second level of sedation is moderate sedation. With increasing level of treatment, the dentist also increases the level of sedation to match the treatment. Our dentist induces you with sedative medication that leaves you slightly unconscious.

The pain is also numbed entirely so you won’t have to worry about any pain or discomfort during treatment. Deep sedation the third level of sedation in sedation dentistry. Our dentist uses a large amount of dental sedative such that your entire body is relaxed and partly unconscious.

This procedure is done for extensive procedures like tooth bleaching and veneer placement. The last level of sedation is general anesthesia. This sedation makes you unconscious and eliminates any pain felt.

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