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periodontists Henderson, NV

Services offered by a periodontist

Keeping your gums healthy is very paramount if you intend to preserve your general dental health. For most people, periodontal health is not a very large concern which makes them susceptible to various gum infections. A large number of dental patients who come to our clinic for treatment usually present gum related illnesses.

If you suspect that you have any gum infections, it is always best to visit a periodontist Henderson. At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic, we offer various types of dental treatments for gum related conditions. Visit us today for top-notch dental services.

Treatment offered by a periodontist

A periodontist usually deals with issues that are related to the gums and their health. Before getting periodontal treatment, the periodontist Henderson will first perform a thorough check of your gums and general dental health after which he will select the most suitable form of treatment for you.

Here are some of the common dental periodontic services we offer at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic.

Treatment of gum recession

Gum recession is a common menace to most people in America. Receding gums be able to be caused by a multitude of issues some which can be altered by the dental patient. Brushing aggressively is one of the self-inflicted causes of dental gum recession. By brushing vigorously, the gum tissue, as well as the enamel, is usually affected causing it to deteriorate slowly over time. Gum recession may also be caused by a genetic quality gotten from the parents. After we check on the state of your gums for the cause of your receded gums, our periodontist will select a suitable gum grafting method of restoring your gum tissue.

Treating a gummy smile

A gummy smile is a condition where the gum below the teeth is growing at a faster rate than usual causing it to show more than expected. A gummy smile affects your smile in general and is best treated to improve your aesthetic look. At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic, we provide laser technology treatment for reducing the size of the gum moderately in order to showcase an even set of gums. Depending on the cause of the gummy smile, our periodontist Henderson may opt to apply dental surgery to remove the extra gum that has developed.

Treating gum infections

Gum infections can occur in whichever part of the gum. Gum infections are normally caused by poor oral hygiene and destructive oral practices. Also, a gum infection can occur due to receded gums that expose the gum to various vulnerabilities. At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic, we provide periodontal treatment for any type of gum infections. First, the periodontist will identify the source of the infection and isolate it. After that, he will use sedative medication to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure. The periodontist will then cut open the area and clean it for abscess and developing bacteria. After a thorough cleaning process, the dentist will then stitch up the area to avoid any other infections.

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