Orthodontist Henderson, NV

orthodontist Henderson, NV

Orthodontic services

Dental treatment has improved dramatically in recent years. With new technology being used in dentistry, there are more and better ways of dental treatment today. Before visiting the dentist for any dental issue, it is always essential to go for a consultation. A dental consultation session will help you determine which dental treatment is necessary and the best dental specialist for that specific treatment. Most dental cases are usually related to teeth positioning and alignment. For any dental bone treatment, you can visit us at Dr. George Harouni dental office. We offer orthodontic services for bone-related dental treatments. You be able to rely on us for the best orthodontist Henderson you can get.

Standard procedures in the orthodontic treatment

Every orthodontist Henderson should be well trained in surgical treatment for them to be certified for treating overall orthodontic issues. Usually, most dental patients that come to our office require prior treatment before dental treatment for the presented issue can be done. In some cases, however, you will have to approve whether we can offer orthodontic treatment before treating your dental issue. Below are some of the standard dental treatments that we at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic offer on a day to day basis.

Bone Graft

In dental surgery, a bone graft is very significant in a variety of treatments. For people with a weak jaw bone, we usually recommend a bone graft before any procedure can be undertaken. A bone graft is applied in dental implant surgery to reinforce the supporting base of the dental implant. For a bone graft, our orthodontists Henderson need to perform high-end surgical operations to replace a piece of bone commencing one part of the body to the jawbone. Depending on the dental issue, our dentists will determine whether you need a large piece of bone or just a sliver. You can contact our offices to know more about the requirements for a bone graft.

Fitting braces

Dental braces are dental appliances made of metallic bits and wires that are wrapped across all the teeth. We usually recommend braces for people with irregularly aligned teeth, crooked teeth, and biting issues. Braces are very convenient since they are permanently fixed on the teeth where they slowly change the position of the teeth. You can contact us at Dr. George Harouni to know more about braces and if you are viable for other treatments. We also offer alternative methods of teeth alignment treatment like aligners and Invisalign.

Fitting a headgear

One of the major issues that every orthodontist Henderson receives on a daily basis is jaw issues. People with issues with jaw movement may feel pain or discomfort when chewing and talk. For children whose teeth are still growing, we recommend fitting a headgear for the positioning of the jaw and teeth to be well assessed. A headgear has a very high success rate when it comes to changing jaw issues. Our dentists will help you understand how the headgear works and how it is fitted and adjusted. Contact our dental office today to get the best orthodontic services in the region.

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