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Common cosmetic procedures performed by an oral surgeon

Dental health and hygiene is an integral part of everyday life. Generally, poor dental health may, in turn, affect other parts of life thereby causing discomfort and uneasiness as one partakes in the day to day activities. In some cases, you may find that a dental complication forces an individual to go to the doctor since it may be causing constant pain and discomfort.

Pain caused by injuries to the face is very commonly confused for bodily complications when in fact they are dental issues. Emergency dental services are essential to seek after an injury to the face to know whether the damage is on the dental structure and if it can be corrected as soon as possible. You can request for an emergency dentist Henderson from Dr. George Harouni dental office which is one of the most excellent dental clinics in the city.

Dental surgery and cosmetics

Dental cosmetics have significantly improved owing to the increased technology available for these dental procedures. Similarly, various media outlets showcase the brilliance of cosmetic dentistry every day bringing about the necessity of cosmetic dentistry in everyday life. Some dental cosmetic procedures can only be attempted through dental surgery thus requiring the expertise of an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons Henderson provide various cosmetic dentistry procedures aimed at improving the dental structure or reconstructing facial features. Here are some of the most ordinary cosmetic procedures undertaken by oral surgeons.

Correcting biting complications

Poor dental growth can lead to poor development of teeth resulting in biting complications during adulthood. One of the most common biting problems is an open bite. This is when the upper and lower teeth do not meet evenly resulting in a small gap between the teeth when the jaw is fully closed. Other common bite problems include crossbite, overbite, and underbite. All these biting complications are characterized by an irregular bite pattern that tarnishes one’s appearance. An oral surgeon Henderson can perform jaw bone reconstruction to allow for the teeth to meet evenly and eliminate the biting complication. This eventually improves general appearance and prevents pain and discomfort related to jaw movement and teeth alignment.

Treating gum recession

Gum recession is a common condition for many Americans across the country. This condition is usually as a result of the gum reducing at the base of the front teeth. Aside from making teeth sensitive, it also makes one’s smile look unattractive. Oral surgeons can treat gum recession through gum graft and in turn give you an even set of gum distribution across all teeth. Gum grafting involves taking a piece of gum from the inner tissues of the mouth and using it to cover receded gums on the tooth surface. The overall outcome of the gum recession treatment is a good-looking set of teeth. You can consult Dr. George Harouni to know more about treating gum recession in cosmetic dentistry.

Dental implant surgery

Dental implant surgery is one of the most common types of tooth replacement and enhancement procedures available today. Dental implants are designed to be more durable than regular teeth making them better than your average set of teeth. Dental implants improve your smile significantly by providing you with pearl-white teeth that are very hard to break or chip.

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