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Precision Scanning: iTero is a scanner that precisely captures tooth images with complete information, as opposed to other scanners that fill in the gaps with algorithm-based guesses.

  • iTero Element eliminates the need for impressions and re-impressions, which can be uncomfortable
  • It is very vast, up to 20 times faster than the regular iTero, for even shorter appointments
  • Excellent visualization capabilities let patients and dentist see the results communicate easier
  • 40 percent lighter wand than the regular iTero scanner, for even more comfort
  • No need for coating teeth
  • Only 0.5% remake rate by dental labs
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What is iTero?

The iTero Element is a smart and powerful scanning device that creates highly detailed and accurate digital impressions of the patient’s oral cavity. With iTero, there is no need for imprecise impressions and guesswork that other digital scanners do.

How It Works

Designed to replace the traditional impressions, which involve unpleasant taste, messiness, and gagging, and which can above all be inaccurate, iTero Elements enables us to offer our patients an impression procedure that is far superior to conventional methods. For example, up to one third of all conventional impressions require reappointments.

With iTero Elements, a light hand-held wand is used to optically scan your mouth, while the iTero Elements scanner sends all the gathered data to a chairside computer. The wand of iTero Element is 40% lighter than in the previous generation.

The computer then generates a highly accurate 3D model with a detailed image of the structures of your bite. The model is created almost instantly, in real-time. This enables you to enjoy a more comfortable impression process, which will result in veneers, aligners or restorations that look and feel natural!

Moreover, unlike traditional impression methods, iTero Elements is not at all time-consuming – with the iTero scanner it only takes three to five minutes to create a 3D digital image – in color – of your mouth. This is twice as fast as the original iTero scanner!

Treatment applications

The iTero Element scanner can be used for a wide range of applications. The 3D images can be sent to an offsite lab, where they can be used to create highly accurate dental restorations and orthodontic equipment, such as:

  • Ceramic crowns: for the restoration of damaged, decayed or extracted teeth,
  • Porcelain veneers: for the treatment of damaged/discolored teeth and better aesthetics,
  • Invisalign aligners: for the straightening of crooked, overlapping and misaligned teeth,
  • Precision Scanning: iTero scanner captures whole-tooth images without data sampling for precise scans, unlike other scanners that fill in missing information using algorithms (they simply guess).

Additionally, since the 3D scanning provides a comprehensive model of your entire mouth, the iTero scanner is immensely helpful in planning full mouth reconstruction. The dental labs enjoy working with these impressions, as there is a very low remake rate due to its accuracy.

Better patient experience

The iTero Element scanner greatly benefits patients, making your dental treatment a much easier, quicker, and more pleasant experience. There are many advantages of this system:

  • Comfort – The ergonomically designed iTERO® Elemnt wand rests on your teeth while scanning, which means that it does not require the application of powders, gels, or uncomfortable impression devices. Consequently, it leaves your mouth in pristine condition. It is lightweight and there is no discomfort.
  • Efficiency – Using the iTero scanner to create 3D images is time-saving and shortens appointment time. The corrections of impressions are extremely rare and scans can be performed by a single operator. The scan takes three to five minutes.
  • Accuracy – Invisalign® patients who are treated with the iTero Elements scanner are seven times less likely to have problems with the fit of their aligners, and the ultra-precise digital image means that dental restorations rarely have to be remade (a rate of 0.5%).

Compared with the regular iTero, the iTero Elements if faster, lighter, and more comfortable. The sensor built into the Element is 20 times faster. The Element can capture up to 6,000 frames per second – 7.5 times more than the old iTero!

The patients agree:

  • 65% agreed iTero was more comfortable
  • 61% thought iTero was faster
  • 71% preferred iTero
  • 88% believe iTero is ‘interesting technology’ (source)

Scans made with iTero are saved and can be accessed by your dentist without the need for repeat scans.

Invisalign Connectivity

Treatment outcomes can be stimulated in real-time to show the patients how their teeth will look at the end of Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign users who start their treatment with iTero Element experience fewer fit issues, compared to those with traditional impressions. iTero scans are 10 times less likely to be rejected than the traditional impressions, meaning you won’t have to go back to redo the scan.

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