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A large number of dental patients that we treat usually have an issue with their teeth. One of the main ordinary tooth problems is chipped teeth. A chipped tooth can tarnish your image and make your smile look very unattractive. What you should know is that various dental treatments can be applied for a chipped tooth Henderson. You can visit our dental clinic at Dr. George Harouni to know more about chipped tooth treatment and also which one is the most appropriate for your case. Most chipped teeth are as a result of injury or accidents that injure the mouth and teeth. A large percentage of our clients are usually children who have chipped teeth due to vigorous play. Before getting treatment for a chipped tooth Henderson, it is recommended that you get pain relief for the tooth if you are experiencing any pain. Contact us today at Dr. George Harouni dental office to get the best pain relief and treatment for chipped teeth.

Dental treatment of chipped teeth

Here are a multiplicity of dental procedures to can be applied for chipped teeth. Depending on your preferred dental outcome, we can develop a treatment plan that focuses on your goals in treatment. Also, we can help you develop a treatment plan for your child if he or she has a chipped tooth. One of the main ways that we treat and repair chipped teeth is through dental fillings.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a form of dental treatment that is used to cover teeth that are almost dysfunctional. Dental fillings can be used in a variety of dental treatments depending on the dental issue presented. For a chipped tooth Henderson, our dentists can use the dental filling to cover this chipped piece. Since the dental filling can be molded into a paste, the dentist applies some of this paste on the tooth, changes the shade to match adjacent teeth and lets it dry covering the tooth permanently.


Veneers are small bits of porcelain used in covering or evening out teeth. Veneers can be used in treating chipped teeth. Our dentist, after assessing the chipped tooth, goes to the dental lab and gets a small veneer that will fit precisely on the chipped tooth. The veneer is placed such that it matches the height and shade of adjacent teeth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a porcelain or ceramic cover that is placed on top of teeth to act as temporary teeth. At Dr. George Harounidental clinic, you can opt for either permanent or temporary dental crowns. Since these crowns cover the tooth, they can eliminate the look of a chipped tooth. With dental crowns on, you can start enjoying life with a new set of white teeth.

Tooth extraction

As a very last option for chipped teeth treatment, we recommend tooth extraction. If the chipped tooth has been greatly affected and is no longer functional, tooth extraction may be necessary in order for other tooth replacement options to be available. Tooth extraction can be done by a regular dentist and may not require sedation. Visit us today for the best teeth reconstruction services in the city.

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