Oral surgeons in Henderson, Las Vegas

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Dental surgery is a specialized kind of dental treatment that involves surgical procedures. For these dental services, it is best to consult an oral surgeon Henderson to get your dental issue addressed accordingly. Oral surgery has vastly grown over the years with more and more advancements in technology and dental equipment.

This has improved the state of dental surgery countrywide thus making it easier and more efficient to access dental surgery. One of the best dental facilities in the city with top-notch dental equipment and specialized dentists is George Harouni dds. You can consult their offices to know which services are available and recommendable for your dental condition.

Dental qualifications

George Harouni dds maintain a set of dental professionals who are certified and trained to perform oral surgery. In oral surgery, most treatments are usually highly sensitive and requiring highly skilled professionals to aptly complete. First, oral surgeons undertake a regular dental degree like every other regular dentist.

After this, oral surgeons proceed to study in an oral and maxillofacial surgery facility for four additional years. After completing this program and relative training programs, the oral surgeon is certified and licensed to perform oral surgery to the public. Oral surgeons are not only in dental clinics but can also operate in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center.

After accreditation and licensing, these oral surgeons can perform various dental treatment procedures including reconstructive treatment, oral pathology, and advanced anesthesia.

Dental procedures performed by oral surgeons

Oral surgeons Henderson perform various dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive and preventive measures. Below are some of the major services offered by oral surgeons.

Reducing facial pain

Facial injuries that are caused by accidents can lead to incessant pain that does not dissipate. An oral surgeon can treat this injury. The surgeon assesses the source of the pain and provides treatment based on the nature of the injury. If necessary, the oral surgeon may need to repair bone damage on the face.

Oral surgeons also provide diagnosis and treatment for the temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition is characterized by intense pain at the pivot of the jaw located in front of the ear. TMJ disorder can cause the victim to experience a lot of pain and discomfort during chewing and eating.

Pathological diagnosis

Regular dentists usually treat conditions such as tooth infection and gum disease. However, for complex illnesses such as benign cysts and orally located tumors, oral surgeons are better equipped to treat and diagnose these conditions. Similarly, oral surgeons can diagnose and treat malignant cancers located in the mouth, gum, neck, and face. This has dramatically improved the state of oral treatment in the city.

Fitting dental implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth replacements that are surgically fixed into the jaw bone. The most appropriate dental professionals for performing this procedure are oral surgeons. Due to the surgical training that oral surgeons receive, they can easily fit dental implants and also provide repair services for those who already have implants. You can consult George Harouni dds to get information concerning which procedures you can get from an oral surgeon.

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