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Some people have a condition known as malocclusion. This is a condition in which the teeth are poorly positioned leading to an improper bite. Due to this condition one may have an underbite or an overbite. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats this condition. Dr. Harouni is one of the dentists in Henderson who treats this kind of disorder. This orthodontist Henderson uses several orthodontic appliances to correct this disorder. The following are such appliances:


Misaligned teeth are corrected using aligners. The traditional aligners are not used majorly currently. Most people have adopted the Invisalign. Invisalign are clear orthodontic devices that are used to correct the problem of malocclusion. Orthodontist Henderson uses this kind of aligners with clients who want their teeth aligned. The aligners are custom made to fit the individual dental structure. The dentist uses multiple sets of Invisalign to straighten the teeth gently and gradually. This appliance has been a great advantage in the field of orthodontics, it has made teeth alignment less conspicuous, unlike the traditional methods. The ultimate goal of using aligners is to achieve a proper bite.


Headgears are used mostly in children. This appliance is used to correct bite and to provide a proper jaw alignment and growth. This appliance is recommended for children, this is because their jaw is till under development. This orthodontic appliance is attached to straps via metal hooks and worn at the back of the head or neck. Headgears are a bit different from braces since they are partially worn outside the mouth.


Lip and cheek bumpers

This is an appliance that is used to correct the bite of either the upper or lower jaw. This appliance is made ins such a way that the archwire is attached to the molars and the plastic goes around the front teeth. Sit helps to correct the molars by pushing the teeth inwards. Orthodontist Henderson uses this appliance to correct improper bite. Bumpers can be painful and can cause soreness at first but with the help of painkillers it gets better day after day.


Palatal expanders

This appliance is normally used in children to correct improper bites. This appliance is used to widen the upper jaw to allow the two jaws to fit together. This appliance is normally used when a child’s upper jaw seems smaller than the lower jaw. This procedure is preventive in nature. It helps to prevent future orthodontic problems. It is therefore wise to take your child for examination. Orthodontic issues are much easier to correct at an early age. This is because a child’s jaw is under development and thus it will respond quickly to the corrective forces. Orthodontist Henderson is highly specialized in orthodontics and he has all the equipment required to correct an orthodontic issue. Ensure that you visit this dentist today to get the best treatment. It is also best to avoid overbite and underbites in children which may cause oral accidents and even oral infections. Dr. Harouni is the best orthodontic dentist that you should try.



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