Looking for a good dentist for your kids can be a major hustle

a child needs a pediatric dentist Henderson, NV

Kids Dentist Henderson

Looking for a good dentist for your kids can be a major hustle. However, it doesn’t have to be anymore. George Harouni dds is the best kid’s dentist Henderson has to offer. He understands that the first years of a child shape how heir dental formula will be like in years to come. With this in mind, he takes the initiative to provide quality care to your kids and secure them a great future of an amazing smile without the risk of future dental complications.

With his cool and caring demeanor, he has a way with kids as you can only admire the way the kids listen to him attentively as he explains to them the basics of good oral health including proper hygiene.

The dentist understands each child’s needs, and he provides specialized care for every child. It is easy to know that the kids love him by the way they are always asking for him when they are brought for routine check-ups and procedure. Below is a range of services that Georgeharounidds offers to kids at his Henderson center.

When should your child see our Kid’s Dentist?

George harouni dds recommends that kids are brought in for their first procedures by the time they hit their first birthday. Subsequent checkups every 6 months are also advised in order to keep your child’s oral health at its optimum. It is important to see our dentist even past scheduled time if your child experiences any of the following conditions.

Teething problems

The teething process of a child is an important development in their growth. The surfacing of teeth should be good and timely with no setback. In case of any suspicious development, parents are advised to consult with our dentist, George Harouni dds, for examination and to ensure that your child’s growth and surfacing of the teeth is at par with the expectations. Perfect teething procedures pave the way for you as a parent to wean your kids into eating solid foods. All through this development, our kid’s dentist Henderson will be available to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Dental Carries and tooth decay

These are conditions that should be avoided at all times even though the milk teeth will be shed off anyway. George Harouni dds insists on proper hygiene, which is a basic thing that a child should learn at an early age to ensure future dental habits and good health. Children are likely to eat sugary foods at an early age and are therefore prone to conditions of tooth decay. As such our dentist recommends that the parents discourage their kid from eating too many sweets as well as advising on hygiene matters to get rid of the bacteria.


This is a mild disease that causes bleeding gums. Our dentist solves this condition in kids and helps them maintain proper oral health thus giving them confidence in their development.

Malocclusion or Misaligned teeth

This is a condition where the upper and lower jaw does not meet. This could hinder the child’s speech, and that is why our kid’s dentist takes it upon himself to solve this. Whatever dental concern you may have about your kid, visit Georgeharouni’s practice for specialize treatment and care.

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