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A pediatric dentist Henderson is a medical practitioner who focuses on treating dental needs for children. Here at the clinic of Dr. George Harouni, we have a specialized team of pediatric dentists who offer incredibly cost-effective rates and high-quality services which will leave the oral health of your child at the supreme best.


The pediatric dentist should complete at least two up to three years in this specialty after finishing dental school. This is because the dentist will be working with infants and children.

The pediatric dentist will receive postdoctoral training in child psychology, pharmacology and behavior modification. Pediatric dentists will undergo yearly training with re-certification in order to ensure that he stays current with new development in patient care and technology.

Choosing the right specialist

When it comes to choosing the pediatric practice which you can trust with the beauty and the smile of your child, it is quite essential to be cautious. This is because of the first impressions the dentist makes on your child will create the kid’s positivity with dental care. This will tend to cast out future fears of dental visits to the kids. The dentists at Dr. George Harouni’s do make sure that the child is experiencing extreme comfort with our staff.

Treatment provided by the pediatric dentist Henderson

  • Infant oral health examinations.
  • Preventive dental care. This conveys fluoride cleaning while teaching on the right diet and nutrition.
  • Correction of dental defects such as aligning the misaligned teeth.
  • Habit counseling. Children are so fond of thumb sucking. The treatment prescribed will help the child to minimize the habit.
  • Correcting misshaped teeth.
  • Diagnosing other oral setbacks which may tend to create serious troubles in the future.
  • Early assessments of oral conditions which are associated with diabetes such as hyperactivity disorder, asthma, hay fever, and, congenital defects.
  • Treatment of crooked and fractured teeth.
  • Performing oral surgery. This is called in for attention if the infant or child has oral cancer or jaw defects which require a surgical operation.
  • Treating pediatric periodontitis, frenulum, dental ulcers, and mucoceles.

The right care

At Dr. George Harouni clinic we have pediatric dentists who do home treatments for children with mild oral issues. It is a mere phone call or online booking. This is abided to if the oral setback is not so serious and may not require any surgical procedures.

Children do not act like adults and sometimes they may offer poor co-operation. The dentist will know how to examine and treat the children in the best way so that they can feel comfortable and at ease. A pediatric dentist Henderson do use the right equipment in the office and a hand tool kit which has been arranged and decorated with bright colors so as to enhance comfortableness of the child easing the dental treatment.

As a parent, you will receive training on how to offer effective oral care for your child’s gums, teeth, and mouth. You will be taught how to make the child adhere to frequent flossing and brushing twice daily.

Counting on the right pediatric dentist Henderson, you are assured that your child will get the right oral care to the brim best.

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