How to Overcome Dental Phobia?

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A visit to the dentist is nothing you should worry about if you prepare yourself for your appointment and inform yourself about the possibilities of painless procedures.

Fear of the dentist is one of the most common and gripping fears that strikes millions of people around the world. This fear is rooted in history and our culture. Dentistry has a long history through which it has evolved. It started with sometimes brutal and barbaric primitive procedures which were often more painful than the toothaches they were aimed to stop. However, today dentistry has evolved into a highly specialized, technologically advanced form of precision medical art. The knowledge about teeth is pervasive, and there are many possibilities to prevent tooth decay and to minimize or completely neutralize the pain of dentist procedures when they are necessary.

Dentistry has progressed, and so should your beliefs and attitude. If you are stuck in negative thinking that the visit to the dentist office will be painful and very uncomfortable, then you are still trapped in yesterday’s thinking. Some techniques can help you reconnect with reality and rid you of your ungrounded fear. Try these methods before your regular dentist visit and you will see your fear symptoms slowly disappear.

Find the Right Dentist

If there is one single factor that can alleviate your fear of the dentist, then it is the dentist himself. As the old saying goes, face your fear and your fear will disappear. Bad experiences are one of the most common causes of dental phobia. They cause more than 80% of total phobias. People sometimes have horrific experiences at a dentist’s. This includes not only the excruciating pain, but also being humiliated by the dentist. However, remember this: not all dentists are the same. There are some stunningly professional dentists out there. They will make you feel incredibly welcome and comfortable in their chairs. They will patiently talk you through every step of the procedure and will administer local anesthetics to ease the pain. The internet is a well of information on good dental practitioners and you can easily find one of them in your neighborhood.

Inform Yourself

Even the best dentist will not have enough time to give you all the details, benefits or history of a certain procedure. Remember, he is your dentist, not a therapist. So come prepared and well informed about the procedure he is about to perform. You may find out that he uses modern state-of-the-art technology, painless treatment and repair methods, and advanced diagnostics tools that minimize the pain and discomfort. There is a myriad of sources to choose from, such as dental websites, books or other people’s experiences.

Prepare for the Unexpected

So, you have learned everything you need to know about the procedure. However, the state-of-the-art machine suddenly stops working and the dentist says that he might have to try another method. Before you panic and run from the room, remind yourself that you are in control. You can ask your dentist for a break or to reschedule the appointment. You should not feel trapped and you can complete the visit under your terms. Your dentist will thank you for not panicking and will listen and adapt to your requests.

Follow this advice and you will no longer feel the anxiety attack every time you have a toothache and think that the dentist is the only one who can help you with your problem. You will remain calm knowing that most dental procedures are harmless and painless. You will also have faith in your chosen dentist, and you will know that you are always in control.

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