How to find a cosmetic dentistry in Henderson

Cosmetic Dentist Henderson, NV

Cosmetic dentistry is usually concerned with changing or improving the aesthetic aspects of an individual. You can get some of the best cosmetic dentistry services Henderson in the city from Dr. George Harouni. In essence, cosmetic dentistry rarely involves dental treatment but mostly deals with reconstructive surgery.

In some cases, cosmetic dentists can perform treatment procedures for example in the case of cleft and palate surgery repair. Cosmetic dentistry in Henderson is highly regarded with various trusted dentists ready to provide you with a facial makeover. In cosmetic dentistry, the face and smile are usually the significant areas of attention when changing the aesthetics of a person.

Cosmetic dentists engage in various dental procedures when it comes to changing the face and the oral structure. Cosmetic dentists can offer complete makeovers leaving you looking like somebody else.

Dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves various procedures from dental repair to oral reconstructive surgery.


You can get various types of veneers from cosmetic dentistry Henderson including porcelain veneers and ceramic veneers which are the most common. Dr. George Harouni provides custom designed veneers which are meant to blend with your own teeth shape and color. Veneers are a prevalent form of cosmetic dentistry. They are usually designed to look and feel like natural teeth such that no one will know that you have veneers on. Consequently, veneers can be fitted on top of decayed or yellow teeth protecting the tooth from decay.

Smile makeover

A smile makeover can be described as a complete improvement of your smile appearance. Cosmetic dentists usually focus on a lot of features when designing a smile makeover including the lips, teeth height, teeth shape, gum line, and jaw. Cosmetic dentistry Henderson offers some of the best smile makeovers in the city. One of the most common procedures involves lengthening the crown of the tooth which in turn improves your smile with a younger and more appealing look.

Teeth bleaching

When it comes to whiter teeth, cosmetic dentistry Henderson has got you covered. The cosmetic dentists in the region offer brilliant tooth bleaching services with the inclusion of various methods of bleaching. Teeth bleaching is appropriate for people whose teeth are yellow or have been yellow since childhood. The goal of teeth bleaching is to make teeth whiter than their original shade. Usually, teeth whitening takes about an hour and may even be concluded in a single day. You can contact Dr. George Harouni to know more about teeth whitening and professional recommendations.


The crown is usually exposed to all sorts of bacteria and food remains which may cause decay or infection of the tooth. If teeth are decayed or discolored, crowning can be used to conceal these teeth and portray a more appealing look. Crowning involves placing a sort of cap on top of the crown of the tooth to protect it from farther damage. Although crowning is a bit costly, it serves the purpose since it is highly durable. With proper and consistent oral hygiene, artificial crowns can last more a lifetime

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