Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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We are often warned to avoid red wine, black coffee and tea in order to keep our teeth white, but what about foods that naturally brighten your smile? Try these natural and cheap solutions for a pearly white smile!

Here are some foods that naturally remove plaque, strengthen enamel, fight bacteria and freshen breath.

Strawberries – Due to an enzyme called malic acid, strawberries act like a natural tooth whitener. You can eat them with cereals, in a fruit salad or individually, and during summer time they are widely available. For more visible results, you can also mash some strawberries, rub them on your teeth with a finger for a few minutes and then, after at least half an hour, rinse, brush and floss.

Celery, Carrots and Apples – They increase natural saliva production, which improves the mouth’s self-cleaning. They also kill bacteria that cause bad breath, and due to their crunchy structure, they scrub teeth naturally.

Parsley – Chewing parsley leaves for a few minutes every day will make your teeth whiter and your breath fresher. Parsley can also help you get rid of garlic breath.

Oranges – They increase natural saliva production and therefore clean teeth naturally.

Milk and yogurt – Calcium and phosphorus from milk and yogurt protect the teeth from harmful acids that cause cavities and improve the remineralization of tooth enamel.

Seeds and nuts – Chew seeds and nuts to rub plaque and stains off the tooth surface.

Onions – Even though they produce bad breath, the powerful antibacterial components in onions reduce bacteria that cause tooth decay. Always consume it raw, because cooking destroys its potential. Even a few slices of onion a day in a salad may produce results.

Baking soda – An old recipe used for centuries for whitening and cleaning the teeth. Once in a while, brush your teeth with baking soda. Afterwards, make sure to rinse your mouth well and remove the soda. Do it only once a week for a minute because baking soda can erode your enamel.

Water – By keeping your mouth and gums hydrated, you stimulate saliva, which serves as the natural protection against bacteria that cause cavities and plaque. Moreover, if you are having lunch away from home and do not have your toothbrush, just rinse the hidden food particles from your mouth with water. This will help prevent tooth decay and stain.

Cheese – Cheese contains lactic acid, which protects from tooth decay. Hard cheeses after a meal are great for whitening because they help remove food particles.

Broccoli – Broccoli contains iron, which protects the enamel of your teeth from acid and increase the saliva production, too.

Green tea – Green tea kills the bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath. Drink it daily, bring it to work in a thermos, two to five cups are recommended.

Kiwis – The huge amount of vitamin C in kiwi helps your gums fight bacteria that cause periodontitis.

Using these tips, it is easy to eat healthy and naturally brighten your smile at the same time!

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