Foods that naturally freshen your breath

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Are you worried you might not be kissable and that your friends and colleagues could be getting bowled over by your breath? The truth is – bad breath affects over 50% people! So, there’s a reasonable chance you might be one of them. There are many factors that cause bad breath, like tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, plaque or even certain medication – but did you know that certain foods can naturally keep your breath and mouth fresh? Try some of these yummy and practical remedies for bad breath. It’s simple, healthy and cheap!

A slice of cheese after a meal can neutralize some of the dietary acids that get stuck on your teeth and cause bad breath. Unsweetened yogurt can also do the work because yogurt reduces levels of hydrogen sulfide, a compound that causes bad breath. Dairy products also have a bonus – they are rich in vitamin D and calcium, and they are beneficial to oral health.

If you want to afford your teeth a good, natural scrub while eating, apples, carrots and celery will all be quite effective in doing it. Cinnamon will reduce odour-causing bacteria. Another excellent option to fresh your breath is to chew on fresh mint leaves or parsley, which is practical even when you are on the go.

Do you know which steaming beverage is a good mouth freshener? It’s black tea! The polyphenols contained in black tea prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause foul breath. And they also decrease the bacteria’s production of odorous byproducts. Moreover, black tea helps prevent tooth decay. But still, drink it moderately because too much caffeine can dry out your mouth and dry mouth doesn’t smell nice. Which brings us to the next point – hydration! Never let your mouth become dry, you can keep a water bottle on your desk. It will remind you to drink regularly. Avoid sodas, sports drinks and bottled ice teas because they can do more harm than good to your health. Stick to the good, old water.

Eat a low-carb diet balanced with fats and proteins like fresh fruits, broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes. They balance out the fats and promote better breath. Vegetables also neutralize acid that causes bad breath in the mouth. Daily probiotics intake also naturally neutralizes bad breath factors.

Proper oral hygiene, of course, is still the best way to keep your breath fresh. Brush thoroughly, always for two minutes. Floss daily. Surely, it is an extra obligation, but definitely worth your while. Clean your tongue because you will remove any bacteria that stick to it and cause halitosis. To give it a proper finish, rinse with alcohol-free mouthwash that contains zinc. Of course, make sure to visit your dentist regularly, especially if you can’t get rid of bad breath and you’ve tried all of the above.

Next time you cross the line a little bit with garlic or similar foods, forget the chewing gum. Instead, hit the supermarket and try some of these natural and tasty solutions.

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