Emergency Dentistry in Henderson

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Emergencies, like accidents, occur when we least expect them. Preparation on how to deal with them when they occur determines how we respond and solve such situations. George Harouni dds is a board-certified dentist with a practice in Henderson. His practice is equipped to handle emergency situations when they occur, so you need not to look far while in Henderson for immediate procedures.

Depending on the severity of your case, you can be scheduled for treatment immediately with no need for an earlier set appointment. His practice is a 24-hour service so no matter the time of your immediate dental need, his practice is at a position to handle your dental needs.  Among the emergency dental care provided are chipped and broken teeth or fractured teeth.

Cases of tooth loss are another dental emergency that is catered for meaning you can lose a tooth in an accident and get replacement moments after the incident.  Other cases that demand immediate response include a painful toothache, an emergency tooth extraction as well as replacement of a crown or filling.

Our emergency dentist Henderson and his team are able to handle any of these situations of immediate need, and they are able to restore you to your desired shape, all in record time.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

If you get your teeth fractured, contact us immediately, and you will be booked in for a procedure in the shortest time possible.

The emergency dentist Henderson team is dedicated to fix your damage in the shortest time possible as well as ease you of pain and get you back on track in your normal activities and functionality. It is important to seek dental help soon in cases of a broken tooth as we know that it may be a cause of infection which will worsen the patient’s condition. The sooner you visit an emergency dentist, the sooner you reduce your chances of further infection, and that is why Georgeharounidds has your best interests at heart, and he strives to provide these dental services to you soon and fast.

Painful Toothaches

Toothaches are also a major cause of concern and discomfort for affected persons. Toothaches are also the first sign that you are headed to a greater dental problem. As such, Georgeharounidds’s practice is set to treat this condition soon and avoid undesired consequences.

Emergency Tooth Extractions

If you require immediate tooth extraction for whatever reason, you can be booked in for the procedure immediately for the procedure even without the need of a previous set appointment. Therefore, you can contact an emergency dentist such as Dr. George and get the procedure done. Early extraction of a troublesome tooth is important as it stops the risk of further infection.

Crowns and Filling Replacement

Sometimes the crown becomes compromised, and it needs to be replaced to restore you to your desired look and restore functionality. As such, it is possible to be booked for an immediate procedure for this case too and get immediate treatment.

Visit George Harouni dds today at his dental practice in Henderson for any of your instant booking and treatment today.


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