Different services you can get from an orthodontist

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Dental treatment can be divided into various different types. In some cases, dental treatment may involve surgical procedures while others do not. For surgical procedures, a professional oral surgeon or orthodontist Henderson is qualified to perform the treatment. Other non-surgical procedures can be performed by any dental specialist. Orthodontic treatment involves treatment related to the facial bones, jaw bones, and any structural deficiencies. A large number of dental treatments that we receive at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic are usually related to orthodontic issues. You can consult us on various dental services including orthodontic treatment.

Common orthodontic services we offer

Orthodontic services have a very wide range. Some can be offered in a single day while others may have to be done over a series of dental sessions. Depending on the type as well as the cause of your dental issue, our orthodontist Henderson will help you select the best dental treatment solution for you. One of the most common orthodontic services we offer is TMJ treatment.

TMJ treatment

The TMJ is a joint that allows for the opening and closing of the jaws. Once the joint is damaged, one may start feeling a lot of pain and may end up being unable to chew or fully open the mouth. The jaw may also lock due to other external factors causing the individual an inability to move the jaw. Treatment for the TMJ disorder can be done in various ways depending on the cause of the TMJ disorder. Our orthodontist Henderson may use jaw surgery to reposition the lower jaw and correct the TMJ disorder. You can consult our clinic at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic to know more about our orthodontic services in TMJ treatment.


Sleep apnea treatment

Sleep apnea is a dental condition that is characterized by a lot of snoring and an inability to breath continuously as one sleeps. Most people are not usually familiar with sleep apnea as a dental condition but rather blame their symptoms on the usual sleeping environment. Sleep apnea is able to lead to fatigue and sleepiness in the day time due to poor sleeping patterns. Although an orthodontist Henderson is not the only dental specialist who can treat sleep apnea, they can change jaw positioning to reduce the effects of sleep apnea. This may act as a permanent solution for sleep apnea.


Fitting braces

Braces and aligners are dental appliances that are well known for restoring tooth positioning and making your teeth more attractive. While braces need to be worn until they have changed the tooth formation which may be more than three months, they give exquisite results and are suitable for anyone. Depending on your tooth alignment, our orthodontist Henderson will design a customized set of braces for you in order to suit your specific cosmetic needs. Also, the dentist will have to perform regular adjustments to ensure that the braces are well suited to serve their realignment purpose. Visit us today at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic and get some of the best dental, orthodontic services.

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