Dentures in Henderson

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Dentures are the perfect and most common tooth replacement treatment for missing and damaged teeth. Dentures are artificial replacements for regular teeth that are used to cover poor dental crowns. With advancing technology, dentures have gotten better and better given they are more comfortable and can be customized to fit your specific dental structure.

There are two major types of dentures Henderson which are full veneers and partial veneers.

You can consult Dr. George Harouni to know more about which veneer type suits you best. Full veneers are best suited for people with a large number of missing or damaged teeth.

How long do dentures take to become operational?

Dentures Henderson can sometimes cause difficulty when learning how to use them and keep them intact. Since they are temporary and do not have any fixed implants, they can easily dislodge if the wearer does not hold them in place. Using dentures requires typically getting used to them for some time to be entirely comfortable with them on.

Actions like speaking, eating and drinking can be challenging when you have dentures, but with a little practice, it gets easier. You may also experience a lot of salivae forming due to the foreign object in your mouth. These experiences are not entirely unusual. Nonetheless, it is best to contact a dentist to inform you on what is expected after having dentures fixed. You can rely on Dr. George Harouni to provide you with dental advice on how you should use dentures.

Features of dentures

Dentures are removable since they are not surgically drilled into the gum for support. The user should know how to hold it in the mouth without dropping or dislodging it. Even though dentures can last a very long time, they have to be relined and rebased when they become weak. Rebasing entails providing a new base but maintaining the same denture teeth. Dentures should be kept inside water to avoid germs and also maintain their pristine condition. Since they are fragile, it is vital to handle dentures with care and avoid dropping them since they might break. Dentures Henderson may need to be changed if your dental structure changes for instance with age. This will help ensure that they fit perfectly in the patient’s teeth.

When to wear dentures

As you start your dental treatment with dentures, you should consult your dentist on how long you should have the dentures on and the best way to fit them. Typically, dentists recommend that you wear your dentures full-time including during sleep. Although this may be uncomfortable, it is best to determine how well the dentures fit and if they need any extra adjustments. Over time, depending on the dentist’s analysis, you may wear it less often.

Tips on handling dentures safely

Dentures usually cover the teeth and act as shields to food particles and damage. This means that these dentures should be addressed with the relevant oral health as regular teeth. Daily brushing is vital in maintaining the condition of the dentures. Brush your teeth before putting on dentures to maintain your oral health. Dentures are fragile and can easily break. It is essential that the wearer takes extra care of them that they do not break beyond repair.

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