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Pediatric Dentist Henderson

A pediatric dentist is a dental practitioner dedicated the oral health of kids from their infant years on to their teenage. These years are the formative years of the kid’s dental formula, and quality care at this stage lays a good foundation for the kid’s dental health in the future. Good pediatric care will ensure that even in the future, your child will always have proper teeth and they will not suffer from many dental complications. This early dental care also serves to introduce small children to the ideals of proper oral hygiene as well as preventive dentistry measures to shape a good dental future for the kid.

Dr. George Harouni offers pediatric dental services to kids, has been for many years now and he is well conversant with children’s dental formula, as well as working well with the children. Medical research has proven that early cases of dental cavities in children are 5 times more common than cases of asthma and 7 times more common than conditions such as hay fever. Therefore, children’s dental care is a thing to look at and ensure that children are at their best dental health. In addition to the conventional dental training, George Harouni has also undergone two more years of training in dentistry for infants, teens, and children with special needs, which places him as the best pediatric dentist Henderson has to offer.


The most common service that George Harouni offers to kids is oral examinations. These are meant to assess the risk of dental conditions such as cavities. If those are detected, they can be treated early, before they cause further complications in the future. Besides that, D. George also provides preventive dentistry procedures such as cleanings, fluoride treatments to strengthen the teeth’s enamel, as well as nutritional advice for healthier teeth. Our pediatric department is also concerned with helping kids kill certain habits common with kids such as thumb sucking and pacifier use. Besides the preventive approach, we also offer treatments for dental cavities as well as a diagnosis for diseases associated with common oral complications of bleeding gums.

Such diseases could cause a major health risk for the affected patient, and if they are noted early, there is an opportunity for complete treatment and recovery. The children also benefit from early treatments of dental conditions which go a long way to ensuring their dental formula is in shape and develops appropriately. Treatments such as of teeth straightening and bite corrections are easier to treat when the kid is young, and as such, they solve the issue permanently with minimum chance of them recurring in future when the kid’s teeth are completely developed.


We have an entire department, dedicated and designed to suit children. This is in the form of decorations and fun paintings on our walls meant to help your kid feel comfortable and at ease while at our facility. Our staff is also caring, and your kid will receive specialized care from us. Visit us today and give your child the opportunity for a pediatric dentist Henderson experience that they will be grateful for even in their later years.

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