Dental Implants in Henderson

Dental Implants Henderson, NV

Dental implants in Henderson have been in existence for more than two decades. The residents of Henderson have been receiving implant and sedation dentistry from the proficient and expert dentists. The dentists do not only cater to the local residents but also for individuals from other neighbourhoods which means you can have your dental implants put on while visiting Henderson. The impeccable work of our dentists has impressed and lured many individuals to join our client list with some of them flying from outside the state.

Our services

The George Harouni DDS dental clinic specializes in many dental areas such as teeth replacement, cosmetic dentistry, tooth implants and dental implants. The clinic is situated in Henderson though a great number of our patients hail from different parts including some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods. Some of the best dental implants Henderson have appeared in smile makeover shows such as The Doctors Show. The most significant aspect that many patients put into consideration before choosing a dental clinic is if it is trustworthy. All our previous customer reviews all have the same similar element which is the level of trust they have in our dental clinic and the quality of services we provide.

Our offices can be easily reached through calls, emails or one can simply walk in at any office working hours to book an appointment, consultation or for enquiries about the various dental treatments we offer. There are many dental procedures that our dentists provide and the prices differ depending on various factors such as the type of procedure and its intensity. Clients are swayed to become our regular clients by various things ranging from the dentist’s expertise in providing effective dental treatments to the proper administration of sedatives.

Sedation dentistry

The George Harouni DDS is among the few dental clinics that provide patients with sedation dentistry. We take all the possible necessary precautions to ensure that our patients are not uncomfortable or in pain when undergoing the various dental treatment procedures. Anxiety and fear are the major causes that make clients abandon their dental health. Fear and anxiety are no longer an excuse to miss that dental appointment or consultation as we guarantee that it will be painless and comfortable. Sedation dentistry is a major area that we specialize in so no need to worry about pain, anxiety or comfort as we have you covered.

Dental implants

Many individuals get stressed about the troubles that come with missing teeth and dentures and bridges are not always an ideal solution for everyone. Individuals with dentures or bridges might also find them not very effective and in much of a permanent solution to the missing teeth issue. If one of the above is a dental issue you are struggling with then the dental implants Henderson is an ideal solution for you. It has been medically proven that dental implants have the ability to enhance your dental health more conveniently as compared to dentures and bridges. Dental implants are the perfect solution for your missing teeth due to benefits such as the fact that they need to be taken care of just like the original teeth.

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