Dental Health and Pregnancy

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We understand that pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life. It’s extremely exciting and often, unfortunately, full of stress. It also carries a huge responsibility – after all, you’re about to bring a whole new person into this world. In order to help you manage your pregnancy with as little stress as possible, we’ve prepared a quick overview of tips and advice about your dental health and care during pregnancy.

Visit Your Dentist

When rushing to all these doctors’ appointments, ultrasound tests and other consultations, you might forget that you should visit your dentists for regular check-ups. It is highly recommended to continue with your regular visits to your dentists, or even go more often. This is because when you’re pregnant, you might be at more risk for the development of dental caries and other issues. Women who are pregnant often eat more food, including sugars and carbohydrates, which might damage their teeth.

There is no need to fear that dental procedures can cause damage to the baby. Even x-rays of teeth can be done, even though they are usually not prescribed. Your dentist will take extreme care and protective measures to prevent the chance of any damage from x-rays occurring.

Some women may experience gingivitis, that is, inflammation of gums which causes them to become red and may even hurt a little. Dentists usually suggest that pregnant women use mouthwashes in addition to their regular oral hygiene routines in order to better prevent such diseases from occurring. If you have gingivitis, contact your dentist. It can develop into a more serious condition if not properly treated by an expert. There is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests women who have problems with gingivitis give premature births to smaller children – it is not a laughing matter.

If you’re near Henderson, NV (Las Vegas, NV) area, feel free to contact Dr. Harouni’s office at 702-434-9464 to set up a visit.

Women who are pregnant can get their teeth cleaned and their cavities filled without any risk to their baby. It is even recommended to do so as soon as possible, just like in any other period of life. If you experience any dental problems, visit your dentist immediately! If your dentist prescribes any medications, you should take care not to exceed the recommended dose.

We also advise that you visit your dentist after delivery, to check if there are any problems that have surfaced.

Improve Your Diet

Pregnant women often experience food cravings and usually eat more. This is expected, since they have to expend energy in order for the baby to grow. But there are some suggestions and tips that may help you to stay healthy and prevent dental problems.

We suggest that you snack less, even though it if often tempting. Snacking can be dangerous for your dental health, as it can lead to caries (and may lead to weight gain). If you do snack, try snacking on low sugar treats. We recommend fruits, vegetables or milk products – cheese, yogurt and probiotics. Avoid sugary beverages and processed foods, including processed grains. You should eat a variety of foods that will be an overall good source of vitamins, minerals and other macro- and micro- nutrients. This will inevitably lead to better overall dental health as well.

Dental Health Habits – Are You Practicing Them?

You should always take care of your dental health, that’s a given, but it’s especially important when you’re pregnant.

Flossing is highly recommended. You should floss at least twice a day. Brushing your teeth is a given, too. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Using oral mouthwashes is also beneficial. Brush, rinse and floss thoroughly. It can save you a lot of headaches and pain later on!

Tips for Morning Sickness

If you’re experiencing serious cases of morning sickness, it is advised that you drink some baking soda and water. This will not only help neutralize your stomach acids inside your stomach, but will also neutralize them inside your mouth. This is important because the acids can break down enamel and help bacteria enter the tooth and cause cavities. This is one of the reasons we use fluoride toothpastes – fluoride helps keep your enamel strong and impenetrable. Since baking soda is alkaline, it will neutralize the acids and bring the pH inside of your mouth to normal levels. This is also what saliva does – when vomiting, your body produces more saliva, which helps coat your teeth so that they don’t get as exposed to acids.

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