Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

harouni dentist Henderson, NV

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are very complicated and therefore it is essential that they are conducted with the utmost keenness. The best cosmetic dentists in Henderson understand that cosmetic dentistry is more successful when it is approached through a team approach. The cosmetic dentistry procedure should include some integral aspects such as the presence of a dental lab equipped with all the appropriate equipment, cosmetic dentists with the proficient skill set in the specific area and the patient to fully comprehend what the entire process entails.

The lab is very essential to the entire process since all the major tasks happen here and the equipment available also influences the outcome of the entire process. The good workmanship has to be integrated with appropriate equipment to achieve the desired results. At the George Harouni DDS dental clinic, we have both of these necessities.

All on four dental treatment

This procedure has become very popular especially among our patients that have the failing teeth dental condition. The procedure involves the use of four implants in order to provide for a full arch bridge that is fully fixed. Prior to the execution of the procedure, it is essential that the patient enquires from the dentist the amount of time that will be spent while performing the procedure since it is very sensitive.

The labs at the George Harouni DDS are fully equipped with CAM/CAD which makes them proficient and reliable. The labs are ideal for the making of bridges that are a perfect fit and shades that are personalized. Consultation for this dental treatment is absolutely free of charge as well as providing second opinions.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming a common trend in Henderson. Many individuals are becoming excessively obsessed with having a perfect smile which has resulted in many people seeking the assistance of the best cosmetic dentists Henderson.

The success of a cosmetic dental procedure depends on several aspects such as a well-equipped lab, expert dentists with relevant years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the procedure by both the patient and the doctor.

The George Harouni DDS dental clinic provides some of the most modern, effective and high-tech cosmetic dentistry services in the entire Henderson region.

Feasible payment plans

The dentists at the George Harouni DDS dental clinic have been widely recognized as the best cosmetic dentists in Henderson. This title has not been bestowed unto them due to their level of expertise in the field only but also due to the many feasible payment plans that we provide to our patients. Our prices for the various dental treatment procedures are very competitive, easy on the pocket and quite affordable. We work hand in hand with the various insurance companies.

The most distinguishing element of our payment plans are the refund policies we have in place so no need to worry about spending your money and not getting the superior quality services you want. During the first visit to our clinic for a consultation, we put everything into consideration such as what your family or friends are contributing. To us providing our clients with high-quality services such as the right shade for your personalized teeth is not a mere requirement but a priority.

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