Family dentistry Henderson, NV

Kids Dental in Henderson

A pediatric dentist Henderson is a medical practitioner who focuses on treating dental needs for children. Here at the clinic of Dr. George Harouni, we

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Sleep apnea Henderson, NV

What it is sleep apnea?

Many people have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Besides, many others are at risk of suffering from sleep apnea Henderson in the near future.  There

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periodontists Henderson, NV

Whats A Periodontist?

A Periodontist is a dental practitioner who concentrates and deals with issues affecting the supporting tissue of the teeth, that is, the gums and jawbone.

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Dentures in Henderson

Dentures are the perfect and most common tooth replacement treatment for missing and damaged teeth. Dentures are artificial replacements for regular teeth that are used

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veneers Henderson, NV

Veneers in Henderson

Veneers are porcelain or composite dental appliances that are placed on top of teeth to make them more appealing. Most people do not know the

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girl in Henderson, NV

Smile Makeover in Henderson

Smile makeover in Henderson has become continuously popular among individuals of all age groups. Many individuals are becoming more and more obsessed with the appearance

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Best Veneers Henderson

Dental veneers insertion is a delicate procedure which is why finding the best Veneers Henderson is an essential task. Due to their delicate nature veneers

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diabetes Henderson, NV

All About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are among the most effective preventative dental treatments. They are used to prevent tooth decay, the leading cause mostly preventable of tooth loss. The

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Space Maintainers

Primary teeth are very important for the healthy development of permanent teeth further in life. Unfortunately, many parents treat primary tooth as disposable, but this

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Dental Extraction

Dental extraction, more descriptively, tooth pulling, is a procedure in which the tooth is removed from the mouth, i.e. from the dental socket in the

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Sjorgen’s Syndrome

Sjorgen’s Syndrome is a fairly common autoimmune disease that is affecting up to 1% of the American population. The main characteristic of the disease is

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Tongue Scraping

Tongue scrapers have been getting more popular lately as a result of an “oral health craze” amongst people. There are worse crazes going on, to

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Types of Dental Caries

Dental caries is an extremely common human malady, with approximately a third of all people having some amounts of caries on their teeth. Almost all

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Mouthwash and Rinsing

Mouthwash can do much more for you than just freshen your breath. If you brush and floss regularly, mouthwash can reduce bacterial buildup in your

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Dental X-Rays

We all know about X-Rays. This technique has been used for over a century with great success to help us find various bodily changes and

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Permanent Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a normal occurrence with baby teeth. Children’s teeth become lose and fall off and they are later replaced by adult teeth. On

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Sensitive Teeth

Do you experience toothache when eating ice cream? Or do you find yourself twitching when brushing? If these sound familiar, then you probably have tooth

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