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Dental veneers insertion is a delicate procedure which is why finding the best Veneers Henderson is an essential task. Due to their delicate nature veneers also need to be handled by professional and competent dentists to ensure that they are functional and appealing as desired.

The George Harouni DDS dental clinic is endowed with all the necessary equipment in the lab as well as their contemporary dental practices which have made them popular. The equipment in the lab is ultramodern and handled by our qualified personnel who have the capability to handle all your dental needs.

Dental treatment services provided at our clinic

Some of the dental treatments that are provided at the clinic are dental implants, dental veneers, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry as well as restorative procedures. Listening to our client’s needs wants, concerns and demands is a priority. We are dedicated to fully enlightening them on the state of their dental condition and the most ideal treatment to implement.

Our patients also get fully enlightened on the steps involved in the procedure being conducted. The main aim of our competent doctors is to ensure that our services get the best out of the experience without experiencing any anxiety, fear or discomfort and when they leave the clinic after the procedure they will have a perfect smile.

Veneers Henderson

The main purpose of undergoing the veneer treatment procedure is in order to cover the front surface of the teeth which is visible in order to enhance the appearance of the teeth. The covering is done by the use of personalized porcelain overlay with the colour similar to the other teeth.

The competent dentists at our clinic are well capable of having your teeth covered with porcelain veneers with just a single visit to our clinic. The lifespan of the best veneers Henderson is estimated to be a period ranging from five to ten years when followed up with good oral hygiene and the appropriate care. The veneers are applied directly to the teeth and joined to the original teeth by the use of a special glue.

Why veneers are prescribed

The dental veneers are recommended by dentists for certain dental conditions such as teeth that are chipped, worn out or broken, teeth with irregular shapes, misaligned teeth, and stained or discolored teeth. Dental veneers are also prescribed by dentists for individuals who have gaps between their healthy teeth.

How to contact us if you need veneers

There are several ways through which patients can get hold of the receptionist at our George Harouni DDS clinic. The website is the most commonly used method of contacting the clinic followed by the calls and emails. The contact methods can be used for inquiries, appointment booking or for consultation.

While at it the receptionist can assist you in creating a feasible payment plan for individuals looking for the best veneers Henderson. The communication channels are always available during the office working hours or alternatively for individuals living in close proximity they can walk in and book an appointment or for consultation purposes.

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