Are you in need of a Henderson dentist near you?

orthodontist Henderson, NV

Dr. George Harouni dds would be a perfect solution for you. He is a board-certified oral practitioner with many years of experience, has been providing dental procedures to patients from Henderson and surrounding areas.

The teeth, being the first place people look at when they encounter you, are capable of building or killing your self-esteem. A perfect smile, showing all the teeth in place and in their appealing white natural color, is enough to make you feel confident in your relations thus improving your productivity. Damaged teeth, on the other hand, will portray an unappealing appearance, and this can go a long way in making you lose confidence and thus shying away from the public eye.

A child’s dental health, for example, will determine the way the child relates with his friends and even how they express themselves. It is these important aspects of good dental health that have driven our caring dentist to provide solutions for your dental problems and ensuring that you maintain optimum oral health. A few of the procedures Dr. George specializes in have been highlighted below.

Teeth Extractions

Though the removal of teeth is not everyone’s favorite treatment option, sometimes the procedure is unavoidable. This is especially in cases of severe teeth damage as is the case mostly with children or cases of impacted wisdom teeth in adults. When Dr. George has inspected your condition and come to extraction as the most suitable treatment method, he will first put you under anesthesia, either local or general, to ensure the procedure does not cause too much pain.

Once the affected area is numb, the dentist will go forth to extracting the affected tooth. In cases of damaged teeth, replacement options may be necessary after the extraction. Unlike traditional procedures where after the extraction you’d have to go home and come for a second appointment, today both activities can be achieved in a single session. This means that you can have a tooth extracted and replaced in a single day, so no worry for noticeable gaps in the mouth after losing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are metal appliances that are fixed in the patient’s jawbone to take the place of the roots. This is a necessary procedure in situations of teeth replacements.

Once Dr. George has inserted the implants in the jawbone, replacement crowns can be fixed onto the implants thus providing effective teeth restorations. With time the implants will have completely bonded with the jawbone and the new replacements will be held firmly in place and they’ll be just as good as the previous natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Our Henderson dentist also offers teeth whitening procedures for affected patients. Whether your teeth are stained with coffee, cigarette smoking or as an effect of poor hygiene, our teeth whitening procedures are capable of restoring your teeth to their desired white color. We have in-clinic procedures where Dr. George will perform a whitening procedure at the clinic using laser beam technology. This works immediately. The other options are home bleaches which you can also buy and use them at home. The effect will, however, take longer, 2 – 3 weeks while using bleaches.

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