9 Reasons why at Dr. George Harouni is your best choice

Dentist Henderson, NV

Finding a dentist Henderson who best serves your dental needs to the brim best might be quite a hassle. You should not wait up to the time that your dental trouble has grown worse for you to start finding the right dental practitioner. You can visit our clinic at Dr. George Harouni. It is certain that you will get all the medical attentions you are in quest for.

The location

Many find it easier to book appointments with dentists near their homes. However, you should not worry as our clinic provides the best dental treatment near you. This is because many persons may need a quickened dental check-up before booking for the effective treatment. We are located near you that even late in the evening once you are done with your normal daily tasks you can stop by and schedule an intense visit with us.

Dental reviews

You can check the online reviews on our website so as to help you know about our former clientele testimonials. By reading the posts of our various patients you are ascertained that you are on the right road.

Best referrals

To ease your doubts, you should ask the doctors, colleagues, neighbors, family or friends who have scheduled a visit with us. By heeding to their feedback you are as well familiar to know about the practices carrier out in our clinic and the general prices.

Cost-effective prices

You may get a discount on some two or three treatment plans depending on the dental care you scheduled for. For dental treatment which require surgical procedures, you will have to incur more charges unlike to simple dental works such as teeth cleaning and extraction.


On our website you will find all the information regarding our terms of service, hours, office location, dental issues treatable, office location, office number,  background and pictorial information.


We provide dental insurance to all our patients. This has helped in creating more faith of our clientele in us and boosting a quality experience with the patients.

Professional staff

We have a team of professionals who make sure that your visit with us was friendly. The experts dress accordingly and maintain a high level cleanliness of the office equipment.

Booking and appointments

You have to decide the right schedule for you for the dental check-up and treatment. We operate on your schedule as long as you maintain both the office hours and out patient time.

The dentist may recommend further assessments for different scheduled appointments depending on the severity of the dental case. However, you are advised to always book early to avoid last minute inconveniences when your dental issue has worsened.

Quality services

At Dr. George Harouni, we ensure that you have been treated well and performed oral surgery where needful. We tend to follow-up on your recovery for sometime to ensure that you are recuperating on well. We also offer after treatment therapies and training on how to maintain good oral hygiene at its maxima. Our dentist Henderson treatment plans have been highly rated as the best. When you read on our clients testimonials you will know why the high rating.


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