5 reasons why dental implants are better than other tooth replacement options

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When it comes to tooth replacement, there are various different methods you can request for. However, when selecting your preferred method, it is always best to get the one that suits you most. With dental implants Henderson, there are various benefits you can get as compared to other tooth replacement options. In most cases, dental implants will last much longer than any other artificial tooth replacement. For the best tooth replacement services in the city, you can visit us at Dr. George Harouni dental clinic. We have various cosmetic procedures that we offer that are bound to meet your dental needs.


Most tooth replacement methods do not last for very long unless if constantly changed and improved. For dental implants, they mainly last for long since they are rooted into the jawbone. During implant, the cosmetic dentist normally drills a small hole into the jawbone beneath the gum. The hole is meant to accommodate the implant root and make it firm once the surrounding bone tissue osseointegrates with the foreign titanium root. This implantation ensures that the tooth is firmly held in place and cannot dislodge. Permanence is one of the best benefits of getting dental implants Henderson.

Resilience to stains

Dental implants are available in different types. Most of the dental implants Henderson that we provide for our clients are porcelain implants. These porcelain based crowns are very resilient to staining and cracking. Due to their strong framework, the crown can resist more damage than a normal tooth. This makes it an ideal tooth replacement option. Most tooth replacement options are inferior because they may end up staining thus requiring a change. Dental implants are quite different as well as can provide a better service.

No cavities

With dental implants Henderson, you won’t have to worry about any cavities or tooth decay. Cavities normally affect the enamel of the tooth. But in this case, the porcelain or composite material cannot be affected by organic tooth decay. This makes your dental implant the best protection against spreading tooth decay. However, this should not prevent you from undertaking regular oral care. Poor oral practices can lead to an infected gum and eventually poor support for your dental implants. At Dr. George Harouni dental clinic we recommend regular dental care for dental implants.

Bright shade

Ceramic dental implants have a bright shade making them look like whitened teeth. This coupled with their resilience to staining makes them very durable and strong. Most people go for these porcelain implants because they offer much better convenience as compared to other dental options.


When preserved well, dental implants can last as long as 15 years. This may as well depend on the type of dental implant that you choose to get. Metal alloy dental implants are quite strong and can improve the durability of the set. Visit our dental clinic and enjoy a wide array of dental implants that you can choose from.

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