3 main services in Henderson Dentist


Dr. George Harouni is one of the best dentists who is based in Dr. George Harouni DDS, Henderson. Dr. Harouni specializes majorly in preventive dentistry. He is much concerned with good dental practices. He offers his patients advice on how to properly care for dental structures by brushing, cleaning, flossing and even having healthy gums. The following are the dental services that this highly specialized dentist Henderson provides;

Dental implants

Dental implants are simply artificial replacements for teeth roots. Dental implants have been used majorly in replacing lost teeth. Teeth lose normally results from accidents, tooth decay, and even periodontal diseases. Dental implants have been used for cosmetic dentistry purposes. This dental procedure is as well used as preventive dentistry. Dentist Henderson offers this kind of service as a means of improving one’s dental health. Dental implants improve overall dental health since it does not alter the neighboring teeth. The dental implants do not need any kind of support; therefore, the neighboring teeth are left intact. The dental implant enables easier access as well to the space between the teeth. The easier the access to the spaces between the teeth means that one can easily clean and maintain good oral health.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that has been majorly adopted by celebrities. This dentistry procedure is highly suitable for every client. Tooth whitening not only improves your appearance but also improves your smile and confidence. Dr. Harouni offers this kind of service at very friendly cost. To whitening your teeth, it will only take the dentist Henderson a single visit to complete the procedure. The procedure is also painless, it involves the simple application of whitening gel or bleach and the results will be amazing.



Invisalign is one of the restorative dentistry procedures. Invisalign are removable clear appliances that are used to straighten misaligned teeth. The appliance is highly undetectable. The Invisalign treatment is a replacement to the traditional aligners such as braces. Invisalign are perfect for both adults and teens. Before you get the Invisalign, you first need to make a consultation visit to your best dentist Henderson. The dentist will then be able to evaluate your dental shape and then proceed to design customized aligners for you. Invisalign is the perfect smile solution for you. It not only improves your smile but it also enhances oral health. Aligned teeth are less prone to gum diseases and even tooth decay. The Invisalign are comfortable as well unlike the traditional teeth aligners. They are flexible as well since they are removable. Since they are clear, they do not interfere with your everyday lifestyle.


Dr. Harouni is the best dentist Henderson who will not only offer dental treatment service but will also offer dental advice on proper dental practices. Ensure that you visit this qualified dentist today for a better experience. You will also learn many other interesting facts about this incredible dentist based in Henderson, Nevada.

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